Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday 16/11/07

Right, finally here are the 6 finalists of the BLR 07 competition. Some of them have chosen to have their eyes covered with the trademark London Preppy red block, and some are happy to let it all hang out (their eyes anyway). I am not going to write their names - because I forgot to ask everyone if they're OK with it - so I will refer to them as Reader 1 to 6.

In true Miss Universe interview round style, readers will also get the opportunity to dazzle us with their personality and their wit. That's why I've asked everyone the same three questions. In even truer Miss Universe interview round style, the questions are forced and transparent and they don't tell us anything about the contestants' personality and wit.

The questions are:

1) Do you play any sport / how often do you work out (Yes, it's that kind of blog)

2) What's your favourite book (Obviously I needed some intellectual pretense here so I came up with the most contrived question imaginable)

3) Why do you read this blog (Because flattery will get you anywhere)

So, the finalists in no particular order are:

Reader No.1

1) I usually work out about 4 or 5 times a week. I do enjoy yoga, triathlons (swim, bike, run), rowing and weights

2) My favorite book is Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. Very few books make me repeatedly laugh out loud - this one does. I will admit that I like Bret Easton Ellis, because I feel like I went to school or worked with many of the characters in his book

3) I'm not sure how I found London Preppy, but I was pretty hooked from the first time I read it. I think it's largely because we have similar personalities, but lead very different lives. I relate to his combination of narcissism and anxiousness. But we lead quite different lives - he contemplates eating toilet paper, I contemplate a diet of iceberg lettuce and Listerine breath strips

This is what Reader No.1 looks like:

Out and about:

In the shower (with the shower off):

Suited and booted:

Reader No.2

(EDIT: Sorry people this was a fake apparently and had to be removed. See comments below)

Anyway, the competition continues and you can now vote for Reader 1, 3, 4, 5 or 6. We are not changing the numbers, just eliminating Reader 2.

Reader No.3

1) I stopped playing rugby after getting too many concussions, so now I play cricket and softball during the summer and drinking games during the winter. I'm at the gym only twice a week for heavy weights as my work keeps me in all the cardio and general fitness I need. Plus I walk daily and swim at least 4 times a week. Nothing too strenuous

2) I'm a voracious reader and have over 3500 books in my lounge and bedroom, with an equal number still in storage at my parents place. I have three books which I read over and over again. Top of the list is Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein followed by Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell & Marti Joan de Galba (translated from the 15th Century Catalan book by David Rosenthal) and then the excellentI, Claudius by Robert Graves. The common theme between all three is death, life, love, friendship and surviving all that is thrown at you with dignity and chivalry

3) I read the best blog in the world because of the tears, the laughs and the insight that London Preppy gives through letting us share his life. I love the way his thoughts blurt their way onto the page. Plus, he's totally stunning :-)

This is what Reader No.3 looks like:

Waiting for a pass

Looking at us

Fiddling with his wrist thingy

Reader No.4

1) I used to compete in gymnastics until I stopped being as flexible, I now like to compete in triathlons, but at present my knee is slightly fubbered so I'm not doing any sport! I work out 4 times a week

2) My favourite book of all time is "Junk" - or maybe To kill a mocking bird

3) I read your blog for something light hearted, different and quirky to take my mind off of the day! It's also nice to see what you're up to

This is what Reader No.4 looks like:

In trousers and flat hair

Sans trousers but with more hair

Reader No.5

1) In the past I've rowed surfboats and I've been aswimmer all my life. These days my exercise is 3-4 gymvisits a week, pole dancing classes and aerial silksclasses which are really tough

2) My favourite books... It's a tough one. I think thebook of all time that's kept me gripped, enthralledand terrified all at the same time was Silence of theLambs and Red Dragon

3) I read your blog because it's very interestingly written. It took a while to understand the level of sarcasm but it's very clever. The photos of your hotbody and your friends doesn't exactly hurt either
This is what Reader No.5 looks like:

Caption meant to say BLR Competition of course, it's a typo

Reader No.6

1) I play no sports (never liked teams) and work out 4-5 times per week. A combination of lifting at the gym plus a 6 mile run through Central Park about once a week

2) Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None

3) The addictive combination of shirtless body shots and a somewhat odd personality

This is what Reader No.6 looks like:

We just woke him up (or maybe about to go to bed)

Against a different white background

So there you have it, those are the finalists. Now would you be so kind as to vote?

Either email me with the contestant number that you want to win ( or leave a comment here. I will not publish the comments/votes, I will make a note of them and delete them.
Either way, please I want to hear from you so send your vote. Voting ends on Sunday 25th November 2359 UK time. Don't you worry, I'll remind you about this before then of course.
Thanks again to everyone who entered and obviously a big thanks to the six guys above who are nice enough to play with me and let me post their pictures on here.
I have 1 song my Ennio Morricone and I've played it 6 times
I have 1 song by Enrique Iglesias and I've played it 8 times
I have 2 songd by Enya and I've played them 12 times


Raphael said...

Photo number 2 of reader number 2 is Brazilian actor Daniel Erthal... so unless my compatriot reads your blog.... That's kinda shady.

Timmy said...

Those are some great looking guys. Will have to think long and hard :-) before I vote.

Alistair_London said...

Hey LP, you've been duped by number 2. He's a Brazilian soap actor and as far as I know, not gay, but you can find lots of pics of him on the "Made in Brazil" blog. On this basis, my vote has to go for reader number 3.

george said...

controversy already.....I love it!!!!.......only on your blog........again that's why i love ya and keep coming back!!!!

DAMO said...


It really is a fake!
Just googled the name in now
It had to happen, didn't it. lol

This place just gets funnier!
Bad people sending in those fakes!tut tut lol!!!

Trybaby said...

Lies, so many horrible sexy man lies!!