Friday, 2 November 2007

Friday 02/11/07

Best Looking Reader 2007 update: There are some really good entries so far, but please send your pictures in still. One week left now. Get your friends to enter or sumfink, I dunno. Details HERE.

On Thursday evening after work I go to the gym with Scott and we do shoulders and abs and the following characters are there: a) the Eastern European guy, who I’m starting to get bored of, mainly because of his tired old vest that he tucks in and his small teeth and his nose which isn’t that great either, b) my new favourite guy who is completely ginger and has no body hair and glowing white skin and moderate muscle tone and fair, almost transparent eyelashes (and is straight) and c) my other favourite guy, the tall South African personal trainer, with the amazing calves, which I make a note to wank over later in the evening (also straight). However, I don’t have any time for this, I have to finish my workout and rush home to catch my favourite Greek sitcom, which starts at 1900.

You may remember I wrote about this sitcom recently, because this guy’s in it who blatantly can’t act (it’s mildly offensive, really) but is pretty hot. His name is Dimitris Vlahos. So this sitcom is new, we’ve only seen 4 episodes so far, and in every single episode they’ve found new ways to get him naked. Which is admirable. This time Dimitris loses his shirt twice. First, he’s boxing in the gym and it just gets too hot, too claustrophobic maybe, and he just has to take his top off. The second time the storyline is even more implausible; actually there isn’t one. He’s just in his bedroom with his 10-year old brother who’s playing a video game and our guy is just wearing his underwear. Why he needs to be sitting in his room wearing just his pants right next to his little brother, that I don’t know. I do know that he then gets a visitor (a friend from college) and rushes to put on his clothes – cue fast paced muscle flexing whilst getting dressed.

Incidentally, the little brother is pasty and fat and I can’t be 100% sure of this, but I predict combined eating disorders / steroid abuse / sunbed-induced skin cancer by the time he’s 13 if he continues to have shirtless scenes with his TV brother (unless he’s completely unaffected and has immensely strong will power, which, judging by his waistline, he doesn’t). Here are some new pictures (from last week’s shirtless scenes), which reveal to us that maybe eating disorders / steroid abuse / sunbed-induced skin cancer aren’t so bad after all.

(Click for large even though I'm warning you, he is suffereing from Greek nose syndrome).

On Friday morning for work, I’m wearing a pair of Energie jeans, Timberland loafers (no socks), two polo shirts in layers (green Abercrombie & Fitch over pink American Apparel one) with collars up and a Gucci watch. When I email Matty and it turns out he’s also wearing loafers and a polo shirt (blue), we decide that we should have dinner together. More specifically the following email exchange occurs:

Matty: So what can we do?

Me: I don’t know but I’m wearing pink and green (two polo shirts on top of each other) and loafers, so I’m ready for anything.

Matty: I’ve got loafers too and have plumped for the single blue polo shirt as it’s still quite mild I think. Where would appreciate our 3 polo shirts and 4 loafers?

Me: I think at some post-lacrosse game drinks on campus just outside Boston, New England, but we might have to find somewhere closer. How about we go and get something to eat. I see a river in there somewhere too.

Matty: Tis where we belong. Somewhere near a river. Let’s start by narrowing it down to the Thames.

Me: OK, let’s do that. Would you be able to go online and find and choose a particular restaurant where you’d like to go? Don’t forget The River of course. I would also like some foliage if possible (i.e. somewhere with trees).


I will have to finish this story later, because the rest hasn’t happened yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, before we go, here’s some more visual stimulation. First, here is a mock coat of arms that a very kind reader designed for me. This reader goes under the name trybaby. Obviously he put a lot of effort into this, so I wanted to thank him very much. I think the idea is that the coat of arms encompasses my Athenian heritage, my current British nationality and my life philosophy, which I submitted myself (NUSQUAM EST VERE MAXIMUM). If you can call “life philosophy” the idea that everything is insignificant and nothing really matters; that’s the best I could come up with so shut up. At least I stuck it in a Latin translator and now nobody knows what it means at first sight, so that makes it instantly more credible. Here is the final result:

Finally, this is something that I hadn’t mentioned before, but my family back in Greece actually has an official coat of arms. Well that’s what the family history book tells us anyway, it will probably turn out that it’s a stupid drawing that my Dad made with his crayons when he was in nursery school. Not that they had nursery schools in rural Greece in the 1940s where my Dad grew up, but anyway. The history book says that this was awarded to some ancestor of mine back in the 12th century by the country of England actually. Where I now live – what a great coincidence. Once again, I am just writing what I remember reading my family history book, and the last time I laid hands on that was probably 12 years ago so I’m making up the details as I’m going along.

Anyway, here’s a picture of this – I had to block out part of it because it shows my Greek family name. Hmm…which reminds me that I’ve now changed that and have a new surname, so does that mean that I’ve given up claim to my coat of arms? I will NOT like that. Anyway, if anyone has any coat of arms info and what is all means please forward it to me – I know I could look it up on Wikipedia, but I like to give out tasks for people to do.

PS. The picture is crap because I took a photo of the actual frame I have in my living room and you can see the reflection on the glass.

I have 13 songs by Dubstar and I've played them 163 times
I have 14 songs by Duran Duran and I've played them 55 times
I have 3 songs by Dusty Springfield and I've played them 9 times


Tim in Italy said...

I love coats of arms and researched my family's back a while ago (I think we were horse thieves).

Anyway, yous is interesting in the language it evokes and, of course, the fact that it is definitely an English coat of arms given to a Greek family in the 12th century, so it fairly screams CRUSADES!

Anyway, the shield shape designates a noble male with the red signifying military bravery and magnanimity and the white indicating peace and serenity.

The spear heads represent "nimbleness of wit and the ability to understand matters of the highest consequence" (I love it!) While the tree indicates (this one is even better) "life and the mystical connection between the earth and heaven and the underworld."

All and all pretty impressive. I'll leave it to you to figure out what it all means, because I have a conference call. Bye!

Trybaby said...

Wow that guy is quite hot. Why did you ever leave Greece!? Clearly you must enter the acting industry and work your way onto that sitcom and then you too will have flimsy reasons to be shirtless in any situation. Not that you need one (it's not like it has stopped you in the past). I'm sure everyone on here will sign petitions to get you onto that show.

Like I've said before, there is really no thanks needed. I feel that this is the least that I could do. I've gotten so much enjoyment out of your blog that I felt the need to give back. I'm overjoyed that you liked it enough to post it.

Wow if I were you I would use your families coat of arms. It's pretty fantastic. It pretty much kicks mine in the nuts. But I am confused a bit on the top of the helmet that is sorta like a cushion for the lion? If I had a coat of arms I know that I would be sticking it on a bunch of things that I own.

devon said...

I like both coat of arms, but I really like the tree in the original, Big Roots and kind of just hanging around

woofingle said...

Hello being a bit of a heraldry buff I thought I'd have a go at blazoning your family arms and came up with:

argent a tree eradicated proper on a chief gules three spear-heads of the first

The other arms are a bit more tricky: the silver (white) cross on top of the silver bends sinister in the 2nd and 3rd quarters violates the rule of tincure: metal should not be put upon metal nor colour upon colour, and since heraldry doesn't distinguish between differing shades of the same colour: 'azure' will cover all shades of blue from navy to sky.

If you're interested in finding out more about your family arms, Heralds' College on Queen Victoria St is the place to check out.


LordNelson said...

From what I know of Heraldry, the fact you've changed your name means you can no longer use your family’s coat of arms as your own.
You can however make claim to it by right of heritage, and as such incorporate it into your own coat of arms.

So basically you can just nick it and slap your new surname on it :P

chabang said...

well when children of 2 great families or dynasties marry they traditionally take on a new coat of arms that's a combination of their respective parents insignia so technically you should merge the old family one with your new one and scott's to make somthing unique..... and messy

London Preppy said...

everyone: Wow, thanks a lot everyone for very useful contributions. Seriously I'm so pleased I can find out things if I put a question up here! Thanks again.

Seems like the coat of arms is loaded with a lot of significance and symbolism, most of which I simply can't carry off ;-)

tyler said...

i read in GQ that is is the coolest to wear two cashmere sweaters together: one on top of the other as in your polo shirt ensemble.
i love the feel of quality cashmere on my skin. the only way i think this would work is for one to have a higher neck than the one on top.
but the point is moot because if i wore two sweaters made of anything i would be sweating like a pig unless of course i were in a meat locker the whole day.
but i do like the idea nonetheless: as in varvatos sea foam green and a turquoise one.

London Preppy said...

tyler: That's the problem I have with wearing layers of long sleeved things too - I just get too hot and sweaty. Even a shirt and a sweater is too much

tyler said...

speaking of lacrosse: which i used to play as an undergrad...lacrosse is the oldest american born sport...played by the american indians many years before the white man arrived. interesting, huh?
as a lacrosse player we were constantly made fun of by the pansy soccer players....who we would regular beat up because they were a lot smaller than us......
as luck and destiny would have it, i am now a committed soccer (futbol) player...

Knight said...

Would love a pic of the Energie jeans, Timberland loafers, two polo shirts in layers and Gucci watch =)) Clothed LP gives us a taste of your fashion sense, which of course from the description, seems pretty good!

And Trybaby: Awesome job mate!

Fresco said...

I like the suggestion of Trybaby: why not join the cast of EastEnders and bring some preppiness to grey Albert Square? It would certainly divert my attention of Sean Slater.

PS. You forgot to mention a possibility in your poll: ‘like one possessed hitting the refresh button and hoping for an update’

Russell said...

The College of Arms hasn't changed it's fabulous "Enquiries" webpage since I looked at it years ago - maybe they got John Cleese to write it - "there is therefore little point in submitting an enquiry ....." etc etc:

I think when you wear two related tops the ensemble might be called a twinset, so I'd be careful there.

No excuse for not wearing socks.

London Preppy said...

russell: Cool, that at least tlsl me that I can keep it even thought I've changed my surname.

"There is no such thing as a 'coat of arms for a surname'. Coats of arms belong to individuals. For any person to have a right to a coat of arms they must either have had it granted to them or be descended in the legitimate male line from a person to whom arms were granted or confirmed in the past."

DAMO said...

I have thought that maybe you should consider the possibility of acting aswell, plus most actors I know are very shy, also you are very intouch with your feelings (which many actors are not) and it really can show can't it in television especially) Why not think about giving it a go to see if you like it or not?

P.s. Nice coat of arms (both of them) and what a cool and very interesting family history (repeating itself?)

BUT finally, very important........

"13 songs by Dubstar and I've played them 163 times" - VERY GOOD TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!

It is like a family on here innit ;-)

London Preppy said...

damo: Acting eh? Seriously I can't think of anythign else I'd be scared of more

Andre said...

I'm baaaaack! :)

Christopher said...

You only have to look to Frasier to see an example of a succesful actor who started out late in life.

John Mahoney (Martin) was born and raised in England didn't start acting until his late thirties/early forties.