Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tuesday 30/10/07

So on Tuesday it’s my two-year anniversary with Scott, even though there’s actually been some dispute over that, because Scott insists that we shouldn’t count the first 3 months when we were having a threesome relationship with some other guy also and I insist that we should, because no matter how you take it I’ve been going out with Scott for two years and it doesn’t really matter how many other people were in the relationship in the beginning.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous event, today I was going to post the original email/”chapter” that I had sent to my friends back then, describing in full detail the weekend that I met him (them), where, when, why and how.

(Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know, “chapters” are the 50 weekly emails I sent out to my close friends when I first came out and my life was a lot more eventful / destroyed than it is now).

Sadly, even though I thought I had saved all the chapters, I went back to check and realized that I have permanently deleted Chapter 32 – the week that I met those guys – possibly because I didn’t want them to read what I had said about them once we started going out.

So the next best thing that I can do to celebrate “London Preppy And Scott: An 2-Year Affair To Remember” is to share some pictures, documenting this ridiculous / lovely relationship.

November 2005. Beyond @ Coliseum

A classy picture taken inside a toilet cubicle at Beyond.

Still early days, when the relationship included 3 people, one of which is taking the picture, one is examining the floor and one is having a well-deserved rest against the toilet door – it’s been a long night you know (please note time: 0508am).

I don’t remember who passed out later that morning, but chances are all three.

March 2006. London Preppy’s bedroom, SW1

Taken soon after 3 became 2 / I came out of hospital. If I hadn’t blocked my eyes, you would be able to see the overwhelming sadness that overruns my whole life. I don’t know why, of course I can’t remember what was going through my mind at that particular moment, but no other picture has captured this better. Also, no other picture has captured better the straightness of my nose, a personal achievement I’m very proud of and you would be too if you were Greek (it’s a bit like being born a blonde African American).

May 2006. Photoshoot with Gaz

Tanned, buffed, scarily-white-toothed, Abercrombie-clad, this is the epitome of the ridiculous shallow gay in the beginning of the 21st century. Looking at this picture I’m tempted to go on a rant about the people in it being dumb, having a combined IQ of 85, presenting an unrealistic body image and being fake, even though one of them is me. I’m also tempted to put a sticker on it screaming “You are normal. THIS IS NOT”, like that activist lesbian recently did to posters around London.

I actually had this picture printed on a huge canvas in a moment of madness and I don’t know what to do with it anymore. I might try to sell it on here soon.

June 2006. DTPM @ Fabric

Another picture taken inside club toilets (a natural habitat for us, evidently).

The pose says: we pretend to be in love and will rub it in your face / we are a ridiculous mid-thirties straight couple comprising a balding accountant with hairy shoulders and an overweight Heat reader who just bought their first flat in West Ealing / we are penguins.

The outfits say: I can’t go on a quiet night out without wanting to attract all available attention to myself.

The abdominal muscles say: Yes, we ate popcorn earlier this evening, but made a quick trip to the toilet clutching a toothbrush shortly after (fact).

July 2007. Brighton Pride, Brighton

In the battle of who can wear the stupidest sunglasses, it’s a tie. The ice-cream van as a main feature in the background ruins the “I wanna be adored” / untouchable look we are working so hard to portray. But then again, this picture sums up the relationship more than any other. The sublime and the ridiculous co-existing hand in hand in beautiful harmony.

I have 1 song by Don McLean and I've played it 20 times
I have 1 song by Donna Lewis and I've played it 57 times
I have 9 songs by Donna Summer and I've played them 68 times


Impressed Guy said...

Hey Preppy this is Athens calling! I wish you the very best! It's really nice to have a relationship and as far as I can see you look a really nice couple!

seahorse said...

Congratulations in order? Or just simply well done on achieving 2 year status! Look forward to the next jubilee in town then.

Very cute covering up the mouths this time round as opposed to the eys in general.

So will you be glued to telly tonight or Scott whisking you away to a nice carbed up dinner and a sleazy motel in town for celebrations?

Either way savour each moment.

Trevor said...

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary. Sensational post - I laughed and laughed, but with a serious face befitting the tone of your blog, of couse. You can celebrate again in 3 months time too! A fitting number, it would seem.

Trybaby said...

Congratulations! I think those three months definitely count! Are you two going to do something special? You two are really adorable. That one picture where Scott is on top of you is so very touching. I wish I could see it uncensored. I wish that you both are very happy.

What are you going to do for Halloween? Costume? I'm going to be a slutty rugby player. Maybe I'll sent a picture of that in, seeing you are enamored with rugby players.

Tim in Italy said...

LP! You're getting more beautiful every day! Lots of questioning going on. Good on ya for having the balls to acknowledge it. I'm sure it isn't easy, but what a journey! I'm excited.

Gabriel said...

that was a personal and beautiful journey through pictures. thanks for sharing this :)

A said...

I love the way that you can be completely honest, self-deprecating, unabashedly proud, and self-loathing simultaneously, londonpreppy. It's endearing, truly. Is that part of the Brett Easton Ellis tone that you've discussed a bit and admired much? When I read the section about American Psycho in this article (http://www.nightcharm.com/blog/2007/10/friends-of-dorothy-dumbledore), I thought of you.

I think you and Scott are a handsome couple of boys, and you shouldn't have to explain or answer for your bodies or any of the choices that have led them where they are today. Would that we could all make some of those choices and look as you do. Thanks for decoding the iconography - never having been in a ridiculously hot guy in a relationship with same, I would never have known how to read (into) the pictures.

Happy Anniversary to you both, even if Scott doesn't see it that way. I'm your reader, not his, after all. And thanks for sharing this pictorial documentation of your time together thus far...it was a visual delight.

fuzzy logic said...

All together now - awwwwww!! (ok, I'm going off to use my toothbrush now)

London Preppy said...

impressed guy: Fxaristo poly file (ki episis pou eisai o monos Ellinas pou diavazei kai afinei comments too)!

seahorse: There was some whisking away involved, I'll post tomorrow of course

trevor: Thanks. And yes, 3 was the magic number for erm...3 months

trybaby: Please do send the rugby pic. If Iwere going anywhere for, I would be inclined to do somethign simlar - I do have a full kit a few times over!

tim: Thanks again, really you're too kind :-)

gabriel: You're welcome - yep, 2 years summed up in 5 pictures. Who knows how many more to come?!

a: That's a a really cool description, thank you. Yep, I tryto fit all these things into the same sentence. Well, not so much try, they just come out :-)

DAMO said...

Happy aniversary!

And congratulations (I do hope that that statement doesn't sound patronising) It is refreshing to hear of a relationship, which lasts more than five mins these days!

Do you know that it is only three months off a year, since you began writing your main bloggs?

I rememeber your very first one, in which you said would just be for a week and then thankfully due to the responses you recieved, decided to continue to write some of the most enjoyable and honest, as well as addictive at times piece of almost daily news/topics.

I rememeber the second home for your blogg, which some very nice guy made for you, before housing it here. Lets all think of ways of celebrating a year of your bloggs, focussing on some of the highlights for January.

I so loved the bananart episode! haha!

Once again, congrats with your aniversary and the telly and the British citizenship...my goodness October was good for you wasn't it!

Catch ya blogg tomorrow!

Damian :-)

London Preppy said...

damo: Thanks mate - I think you might actually be one of a handful of people (if not the only one lol) who's been here since the beginning :-)

Wyler said...

Congrats on the 2-year anniversary (give or take the 3-month threesome)! So what is it that has kept the two of you together? What are the good things about Scott, the things that you rarely mention here on your blog? Btw, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks and am finding myself strangely compelled each day to find out if London Preppy did abs or legs today and what new impulse purchase he has made. Is there something wrong with me or is this a healthy addiction?

Knight said...

Congrats LP! Although you do vent that Scott loves you for the outer hard shell, the pics (especially 2,3 and 4) do seem like he is MADLY in love with YOU! So lucky you mate, some of us don't even have what you have =))

Jon C said...

Congrats on winning the dispute about when your relationship started, taking time to rest in a toilet, having a straight nose, smiling like only half of an 85 point IQ couple could, using a toothbrush to make your abs look better, and having a sublime, yet ridiculous 2-year relationship!

Best of luck!

jkill55 said...

Congrats on the 2 years. The pics were very sweet. I just like reading about this kind of stuff and I don't know why.

Spook E said...

ok that last pic, with both your mouths covered in the red censoring block, why did you do that? Just to run with the theme of a red block in every shot or absolutely must censor something in each photo.

BTW I saw both your lips in previous pictures so joke's on you :p

Closet Frat Boy said...

Congrats on 2 Years!

London Preppy said...

wyler: Nah, that's a perfectly good addiction (it's good for me anyway, so you can keep coming back and reading!)

knight: Hmmm...I'll ask him about that one

jon: That's a very sweet (and informed) message, thanks a lot

jkill / closetfrat: Thanks a lot :-)

spook: Yeah I have tpo censor somethign in every picture. It's just the rule!

george said...

2yrs...fantastic....good on ya!!!! here's to more years to come..........

we make the decisions we make. no need to explain yourself. you and scott can't help looking like an A&F poster.

would you rather no one paid you any attention?

your sexy your hot....(and funny too)....;)......george

Ben said...

On the 'is it or is it not' anniversary debate, I would suggest that it depends on what it is you wish to commemorate: the 'relationship' aspect or the 'couple' aspect. I have to say I side with Scott on this one. A similar situation exists in my relationship, whereby He wishes to commemorate the 'year zero' date, whereas I insist the clock restarted when we got back together after breaking up. All semantics, of course.

nylon said...

Hey, congrats!!! Gives hope to the single ones among us that it can happen!

My parents are currently visiting me in New York and out of the blue directly asked me why I don't have a boyfriend... I was speechless. Oh well!!

Best wishes for your relationship again.

Dionysus said...

What brand are your sunglasses in the brighton pride pic?