Thursday, 4 October 2007

Thursday 04/10/07

Not that we don’t enjoy sadness, but maybe recently this blog has been a bit too downbeat, so today we’re going to concentrate on some of our favourite things. Don’t worry though, this is not a permanent change, I’m not suddenly going to turn carefree and happy – I’m not an idiot.

So here’s some crap on my favourite a) Non-Fiction Book, b) Public Fight and c) Shops in London. Then I will finish off with d) some naked pictures of me and my friends (as requested) and then e) my favourite things that I bought with donations blog readers have made so far (which also make me happy of course).

a) My favourite non-fiction book

So I’ve ranted enough about how much I like Bret Easton Ellis and have even permanently scarred my inner arm with his name like some obsessed lunatic. I may have even mentioned that my two favourite non-Bret Easton Ellis books are Bright Lights Big City by Jay McInerney and The Secret History by Donna Tartt. This is all about non-fiction though and my favourite non-fiction book of all time is The Official Preppy Handbook by Lisa Birnbach.

The book came out in 1980, which is a seminal year not only because that’s when I was born but also because it was the beginning of a decade that gave us The Smiths, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, Less Than Zero and Samantha Fox.

The Official Preppy Handbook is the most hilarious, tongue-in-cheek book every written. Sadly, I take it seriously. I have nothing to do with real American rich preppy people of course, but I’m fascinated by their culture. As far as I know, there haven’t been any recent publications of this book and it’s very rare to find – I bought mine on ebay a few years back for about £30. If you happen to have a copy, please send it to me, because I would like to collect them and mine is falling apart.

Here’s an expert from the book and here’s its cover:

“THE VIRTUES OF PINK AND GREEN. The wearing of the pink and the green is the surest and quickest way to group identification within the Prep set. There is little doubt for doubt or confusion when you see these colors together – no one else in his right mind would sport such a chromatically improbable juxtaposition”.

b) My favourite public fight

As everyone knows fighting is very sexy. Not set up, contrived WWF fighting, but real scraps, preferably between straight guys. I don’t want to get involved in a fight myself (I’m too short to have a chance with anyone unless I headbutt them on the lower abdomen) but I sure enjoy watching one.

The best fight that has ever taken place in front of the world’s media happened in 2004 before the football World Cup and it was between Sweden players Olaf Mellberg and Freddie Ljungberg. Now those guys separately are quite attractive to start with. Fine, Freddie may be losing his hair and have a disconcerting interest in clothes and Olaf may have a big square head, thin arms and a wife, but I like them anyway alright?

Bald Freddie:

Big square head Olaf:

Straight-acting / non-scene Freddie:

Completely wrong proportions Olaf:

But put them together on a football pitch grabbing each other’s throats and pushing each other to the ground and they become so much hotter. These are the scenes that made the 2004 World Cup for me:

c) My favourite shops in London

A reader asked me about this, so here goes. My absolutely favourite shop in terms of décor and concept is Ralph Lauren on Bond Street. It’s made up like an old library / mansion house and I would very much like to live there instead of buy clothes. The staff put me off a bit because they behave like they’re in an Agatha Christie novel from 1929, but I suppose that goes with the territory.

Apart from Ralph Lauren I go to Gucci a lot, but that’s because they are predictable and have most of the things that I dream up that I want at random moment (for example you suddenly decide to buy a pair of brown leather loafers – where else on earth would you go), not because I particularly like their stuff.

Then again there is H&M and the Gap where I go nearly every day at lunch and buy something cheap that will last for 2 weeks just to get me through the day.

Now I’m sure I’ve bored everyone so I will write up points d) (naked pictures) and e) (things bought thanks to you) tomorrow.

I have 1 song by Da Funk and I've played it 60 times
I have 1 song by Daddy Yankee and I've played it 1 time
I have 28 songs by Daft Punk and I've played them 316 times


seahorse said...


i can't believe you find that stoe yr favourite!!!

those bastards.

back in 1999....ok it is a while back but yes i walked in there with shorts and shirt and got the 'PRETTY WOMAN' treatment if u know what i mean?

Now forgive me for looking like i just stepped off the beach but i just happened to return from the caribbean via london to south africa for a bit of shopping.


but the noses were so jacked up and i thought fuch you lot. Do u know who the **** i am? beetches

Needless to say i spent my £800, got out with 3 bags, said au revoir beetches, hope u don't work on commission lol and i have the photo still 8 years later in dodgy outfit, RL bags, ciggie in place lol

Bliss those times were...

Funny i was in Bond Str today but yet no matter how often i go past i have not set foot in RL since..
Mental block..


Knight said...

Thanks for the post LP, you wanna elaborate on the staffs at Ralph?! Sounds like another interesting story post-tesco-online-shopping-pisses-me-off ;-)

Tim in Italy said...

Well, that was another fine post. And while I don't wish to appear shallow or to give the impression that I'm not utterly facinated with your prose, there had better fucking be nudity tomorrow.

Okay, bye.

brenton said...

so where are the naked photos of you and your friends you promised at the start of that post????

London Preppy said...

knight: Hmmm maybe I should include them in a future rant!

tim: Fine, fine

brenton: Well it was getting a bit long so I decided to put the pictures up tomorrow

george said...

you are such a it......if when your happy and nice you are a

Andre said...

When I wrote my final dissertation on preppies I came across various sources (and one of them is the book you have mentioned). There's this guide that tells you how to be a preppy guy, but I think it's just full of crap. We need to edit it!

I also have a question? In which way Olaf's body has wrong proportions? I can tell there's something weird but I can't pin it out. I had an ex Aussie boyfriend who looked exactly like him..

Russell said...

If you would read A Confederacy of Dunces you would have THREE favourite non-Bret Easton Ellis books .... and, John Kennedy Toole will never disappoint you like Jay Mcinerney surely has with his latest - The Good Life.

Trevor said...

Have nudity - have bazzillions of visitors to your sites a day - so if you prolong the post, like with daytime soaps, you'll get more and more people hot under the collar coming back repeatedly for the penultimate post... (Brenton, you'll have to breathe out one or two more times while you wait :) ).

LP Have you tried the Hugo Boss or Luis Vuitton stores on the Champs Elysees? Great spaces.

London Preppy said...

george: I didn't mean to be a tease! I really ran out of space :-)

andre: Can you move back to London please? Bret Easton Ellis, preppiness, A&F despise - we'll be inseparable! Oh es, and you can hand deliver me that smurf t-shirt ;-)

Now let's see: Olaf. Well he'/s obviously nice, but in this particular picture he looks too square. Like his waist is as wide as his shoulders. But we're obviously being very picky here

russell: You['re so rigth about The Good Life - I couldn't even get halfway

trevor: I know you're joking of course, but I have to say I'm very pleased with the number of visitors I get when my blog is so text-heavy and it actually has no full on nudity.

Never been to France :-(

george said...

just playing with you....bit of tease doesn't hurt long as your posting i'm

Jim said...

I leave town for one week and miss my golden opportunity to gloat about how I own both the soft cover and hard cover versions of "The Official Preppy Handbook".

Sadly I feel compelled to confess I bought them when they came out and was not born actually born that year. I think this makes me old enough to be your father. Ugh.

London Preppy said...

jim: Seriously? This is amazing. Can you let me know more about this book from when it came out? E.g. do you know others who read it, what its impact was etc. I have not taked to a single person ever who was aware of it

Jim said...

It was HUGE in the states about 1979. I recall perfectly as my brother and I went out and bought our Sperry Topsiders that summer together along with our Levis.

Fast forward to returning to school that Fall and being mocked for my new fabulous look. "What's the deal with those shoes? Are you afraid your going to fall off the school?"

I remember suffering through winter in the Northwest with no socks on.

I recall my sister and her roommate throwing a "preppy party" where we all had new preppy names. Mine was Kip Van Clef. That also began our annual "San Juan Party" every February where we donned tropical attire and danced to Raggae music.

Ah, the 80's...