Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sunday 28/10/07


So on Saturday I wake up and as I’m waiting for my new TV to be delivered, something else arrives in the post before that, and that something is a picture from the Citizenship Ceremony I had a couple of weeks ago. And here is the picture showing me giving my oath, some bored civil servant with white hair and a painting of the Queen who sadly couldn’t be with us that day.

Then my TV arrives and it’s as big as anyone could have hoped, so I get rid of the old one, plug this one in (I manage to do this all by myself) and sit down for 11 hours of pure happiness. And here’s a picture of me having a chat with my new best friend, the only person I really need in my life.

In this picture you can also see my feet which I think is the first time in this blog, and a definite bonus for anyone who’s into that sort of thing.

Then at 1700 Enid arrives to have dinner and watch some more TV with me and the dinner consists of tuna steaks with mushrooms and green beans and broccoli followed by raspberry panacotta from M&S and the TV consists of The X Factor. The X Factor is a talent show like American Idol I guess, and I’m personally rooting for a contestant called Andy who can’t sing and doesn’t have any moves, but this is what he looks like with his shirt off, and this is enough really. Please try to ignore the face. Well in the first picture where you can see it anyway. In the second one we were spared.

Enid doesn’t get it all, and I suppose that she just doesn’t think like a gay man (i.e. if somebody has abs he’s Godlike instantly) and this theory is confirmed when Donnell arrives later (he’s a gay and likes Andy) and also Nicole (she’s a woman and doesn’t like Andy). Still, I think that Enid’s comment that Andy looks like a used up tea bag is a bit harsh, even though I see where she’s coming from.

On Sunday morning I wake up form a dream that I was having sex with 50 Cent, which is odd because a) 50 Cent isn’t exactly the blonde muscled clean-cut type that I usually like and b) he doesn’t look like somebody who would have an interest in getting fucked by me anyway. Then I go and download all of the singles 50 Cent has released so far and I think the last time I wanted to listen to somebody’s music just because I wanted to fuck them must have been when I played What’s Left Of Me by Nick Lachey 29 times in a row. Which also must explain Jessica Simpson’s 26 plays in my iPod.

Finally, I’ve had quite a response to Anthony’s picture that I posted yesterday – here it is again:

People have said that he’s really fit and I should consider going out with him when I’m single again, but I’m way ahead of you people, it’s all sorted. I’ve spoken about this before and here’s what I posted in August earlier this year:

“Anyway, Anthony is English but he’s working abroad at the moment and he’s coming back to the UK in October 2008. So the plan is:

- At the moment obviously I’m going out with Scott
- Scott and I split up in March 2008
- I spend a few months being devastated and moping around
- About 6 months later I have got over the situation and I feel ready to move on
- Conveniently, Anthony comes back around that time and we go out together
- The end”

So this is the deal and this is how we sealed it. Mind you judging from Anthony’s body language in this picture while I’m giving him the grip, it might not be looking so promising after all.

Finally, if there are any readers from Germany or France, can you please email me ( or leave a comment; I want to ask something. Thanks (EDIT: Thanks guys, got my answers now)

I have 3 songs by the DJ Tomekk and I've played them 13 times
I have 1 song by DMX Krew and I've played it 114 times
I have 8 songs by Dody and I've played them 31 times


Knight said...

The pic of you and the TV is the best! Especially since the sighting of your calves are rare (I believe a once close-up was when you had readers post their legs).. Also in the current pic they are flexed so even sexier ;-) That is one damn lucky TV hahaha!

tyler said...

hmmm, andy does have the abs, no doubt but the rest of him needs a major makeover: face, hair...but what do you do with the stumpy legs?

Tim in Italy said...

You look like such a babe in your citizenship photo! I'm sure the Queen's social secretary was severly castigated when she found out that she had missed you coronation... er, swearing-in.

The photo of you with your television is touching. I always tear up when a beautiful boy finds true love.

Anthony is a beautiful guy, but, truth be told I still think you hold the upper hand (I'll no doubt be accused of gross boot-lickery for this, but I can only say what I believe). Not ony did I think your photo was hotter, but I have the benefit of your blog which adds an additional dimension that I don't enjoy with Anthony. Abs are fine, but they don't make the man (heresy, I know). Wit, intelligence, compassion are more indespensible than abs... unless you're in LA, of course.

BY23 said...

I need a TV like that!!

btw: I am German :-)

daze said...

and who said a dogs a mans best friend? but dont give the TV 'the grip' ...

London Preppy said...

knight: Thanks :-) I'll try to satisfy the calf-lovign niche then by posting some more pics soon

tyler: I like his stumpy little legs. The hair is just inexcusable though

tim: Thanks for this. Also, you're right, I guess I have found true love in the shape of my new toy. I should give it a name really

by23: Cool, I've sent you a message on your blog, thanks

daze: I really don't think I can get my arms around that TV for the grip. I should though because the Grip is a real sign of friendship for me

Trybaby said...

What are you watching on tv in that picture? And personally I like that your waist is narrow and you have broad shoulders. Andrew in that picture sorta looks the same thickness all the was down. Maybe that is just the picture though.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: That's a shot from the Simpsons on the TV there

chabang said...

sorry could you just clarify which one was the queen in that first picture......

London Preppy said...

chabang: The queen of England is the little lady in the middle. The queen of all the scene to be seen, is on the left

Gabriel said...

if i were you, i'd be making guest lists and planning a reception for your wedding with anthony. erm, you might want to get rid of the death grip photo. its not quite you.....

DAMO said...

Gut eine welche nette Fotographie, Sie sehr intelligent schauen! Mein Freund!

This Grip buisness is bemusing indeed! hahaa!

Congrats wi ur new telly and I have to say, that when I first saw that Anthony fellow. I just assumed that it was you, as I was just skimming breifly.

I wanna invite to the wedding, when it happens, I will bring chocolate and plates


seahorse said...

M&S? Upgraded from Tesco deliveries?

Just fink how many points u woulda got if u ordered TV from Tesco lol..

Jon C said...

I'd comment on your feet, but I'm no longer a foot person and anything I say will probably come out wrong.

So, instead, I'll say that I like the pic of you hugging the TV, but I like the pic of you hugging Josh Lewsey better.

seahorse said...

where u hug Josh u are thrilled to be close to him as where the TV is concerned its like u just got a new puppy u always wanted for xmas. very sweet..

Trevor said...

It's not obvious to the reader, but in 'the grip' photo you're actually reaching for your mobile phone which Anthony is delighting in withholding from you because of the resulting position you form on him (as evidenced in the photo.) Are you hiding from us his feelings for you?

London Preppy said...

grabriel: You're right. That wedding will take military style planning, I better start

damo: Plates to smash of course?

jon: You used to be a foot person though?

trevor: How did you guess all that? Well done, it's 100% accurate of course

Jon C said...

Yeah... not sure when I stopped though. Maybe it was when I looked down and saw how freakishly ugly my own feet were. :)

Yours, however, are not so. They actually look quite big too (if I'm not mistaken).

London Preppy said...

jon: Trust me, in real life they're not so pretty. Also I thought somebody might comment they're big, but it's just the picture. They're the closest thing to the camera - out of proportion