Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sunday 21/10/07

On Saturday I wake up and Scott is also here and we undertake the following activities:

- We go online and apply for Scott to get two new middle names (like I did recently) and I would very much like to tell you what these are, but sadly I can’t. In any case changing your name seems to be catching on, which is actually a good thing because if you’re stuck with a name you’re not sure about, why not change it? Also people buy new clothes all the time or change their hair, and I don’t see why we can’t do that same with our name. Does anyone really want to go through life, for 75 years or whatever with the same name? I would say you’ve got to change it every few years at least, otherwise you’ll get bored.

Another idea is to get people new names for their birthday or for Christmas as a surprise. Like: Happy Birthday Matty and here’s the official documentation of your new name

- We go to the Post Office to pick up a parcel on Scott’s motorbike and on the way there we see a guy who’s wearing a pink polo shirt with a green jumper over it, so as we drive past him we turn around and follow him for a bit to find out more about him. A few minutes later Scott comes to the conclusion that he’s posh and a snob, which I suppose makes sense

- We go to the gym where we do chest and abs and also see a group of annoying, fat straight guys who think they’re muscly (they’re not – they’re fat) and they’re lifting heavy weights and making loud grunting noises and as I observe them I want them to know that I’m critical of them and I ask Scott what I can do to make sure my derogatory feelings are coming across and Scott tells me that I don’t need to do anything extra because I’ve got such a stuck up attitude / face / look that even people that actually I like get the feeling that I look down on them. And I can’t pretend this doesn’t make me happy

Then in the evening of course it’s time to watch the rugby. I’m going to Matty’s house to watch this, and I deliberately avoid wearing my England rugby top, because drunken fans are bound to talk to me on the tube on the way there and back if I do, and I really can’t fake sports talk / enthusiasm

At Matty’s house there’s me, Matty, Matty’s girlfriend Nicole, Nad (a guy I used to live with in Pimlico two years ago), M&M (M is an Aussie guy I used to work with and M is his fiancĂ©e) and a Marks & Spencer’s roast chicken I’ve brought for my dinner.

Then of course England loses, but we have a great time nonetheless, as exhibited in this picture that Matty takes of me, in full-on England supporter gear: a) Comedy hat, b) Rugby ball on one hand, c) Pint of lager on the other.

I returned the pint of lager to M as soon as this picture was taken.

Around 2330 I make my way home, but there are tube problems and after 25 minutes of waiting for a train on the platform I decide to come out of the tube station and walk home. Nobody else has the same idea though, and as a few hundred people are still waiting on the platform, the rest of the station is empty, and as I’m heading out I take this picture at the escalators, which depresses me a bit because I’ve never seen Oxford Circus tube station so empty:

Walking home after midnight along Hyde Park for some reason I get sad (because I’m lonely? because I’m listening to I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen?) so I put my iPod on Shuffle and then this song called Eight Letters by Ives Holmes comes on, and it reminds me of the times when I used to go clubbing in 2004 (anyone who lives in London and went to Beyond back then will know what I’m talking about), and this depresses me even more but I listen to the whole thing and then play it again twice, because being upset is a state of mind I enjoy.

On Sunday Scott and I meet Matty and Nicole and we go to the Tate Modern (that’s a very famous art gallery by the river Thames), where they currently have an exhibition which consists of a massive crack on the floor. Well this is my interpretation of it. A crack on the floor.
The brochure tells us that the artist “has created this subterranean chasm that stretches the length of the Turbine Hall, in order to expose a fracture in modernity itself. This installation encourages us to confront uncomfortable truths about our history and about ourselves with absolute candidness, and without self-deception”.

It also provides a great opportunity for Matty to stick his foot in this “subterranean chasm” whilst Nicole and Scott stand either side of him (picture 1 below) or for me to stick my head in it, trying to look for this “uncomfortable truth about my history and about myself” (picture 2 below).

Then in the evening I go home and take this following picture of my chest, which leaves me to wonder: a) have I really confronted this truth with absolute candidness and without self-deception and b) is my chest getting too big and I am turning into a woman?

I have 1 song by Dima Bilan and I've played it 9 times
I have 3 songs by Dimitri From Paris and I've played them 21 times
I have 1 songs by Dinosaur Jr and I've played it 9 times


DAMO said...

Ha ha! Exactly! Why oh why???? do (particular straight for some reason) fat guys so often work out on weights, when really they should be on the cross treader and trying to burn off their fat, before toning up! innit??!!!

I always never fail to see them at the gym panting and grunting in a (I cannot take much more before I erm...die of 8 heart attacks and a stroke on top) kind of style.

Hmmm! That is a good theory about changing the name every so often!
I will get to work on my new names now, thanks! :-)

Mummy will be pleased! lol

London Preppy said...

damo: Please let us know what those names will be when you decide

seahorse said...
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tyler said...

yeah you're tits are too big but that's because you are not showing your upper arms....which would make the whole thing come together.....i think.
i read on reuters online that someone actually peed in the chasm in the tate modern. you should cum or lay a loaf innit, maybe?

seahorse said...
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London Preppy said...

tyler: REALLY??? I was actually wondering with Scott whether anyone has stuck their willy in the chasm, but for somebody to have peed in it?!

Christopher said...

Olafur Eliasson's 'Weather project', had something of an aphrodisiac effect and had people excreting other bodily fluids in the turbine hall.

Not pleasant.

I love those exhibits. Looking back two years to Rachel Whiteread's 14,000 white Poleyethelene box's, in my blog I wrote: "There was an interaction between the different viewers as we looked at each other in the context of a pure white background, and observed everyone’s quizzical faces; we all felt like children trying to comprehend something."

Regardless of their artistic merit, the idea of getting tens of thousands of often well educated, worldly people behaving like complete idiots appeals to me greatly (I'll happily admit I am one such idiot (though not sure about the worldly), and yes, I did go down the slides).

London Preppy said...

christopher: Blog? You still write? (Clicking on your name doesn't lead ot a link)

London Preppy said...

PS I did see the boxes but missed the slides :-(

Will said...

Hey L-P,

How's it going?

I guess if your middle name is quite different to your first name then it's ok, I swap between the two, depending where I go or have worked in the past! Whatever makes you happy I say!

Fat guys in gym: Well they do say lifting weights burns more fat than cardio.


chabang said...

The slides were a great idea but ruined by paperwork, you had to PRE BOOK tickets to ride them so the actual experiance was arriving, having to queue for a ticket, having to fill a couple of hours looking at the other stuff (generally boring) then joining another queue to actually go on the slide and finally being given a H&S lecture by the slide staff before you went on it. All in all a very british experiance.

the "muscles burns more than cardio" is bollocks put about by fat bodybuilders to justify why they get out of breath walking up stairs. Yes having more muscle burns more calories but even if you put on 30llbs of muscle you still don't burn as many extra cal'd in a day as 15 mins on a cross trainer. Likewise an hour of SERIOUS weight training is only comparable burn to 15-20mins serious work on a CV machine. //end CV rant//

Trybaby said...

That picture of your head in the chasm made my day. For a while there the earth was your hat. Did you learn anything about yourself in there?

Your chest looks a tad big to me. I'm sure that it's the fact that you are sitting down that is making that unfortunate crease that makes your chest look like boobs. What exercises do you do for chest?

Timmy said...

I've never understood the grunting and loud noises while lifting weights. In my opinion, if you're making that much noise you're not impressing anybody and you're probably lifting too much.

Have people stopped falling into the crack? I understand that the first day of the exhibit there were some mishaps.

And your chest and abs look awesome. Nothing feminine about them.

Joe said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has friends who think I look down on them. I'm so over people telling me I'm so unapproachable. Whatever! Get a spine!

Jon C said...

Did you really stick your head in the chasm looking for the "uncomfortable truth" or were you just looking for an opportunity to take a picture which you could post with your face already hidden? :)

I don't think you're chest is too big, and you're not turning into a woman. I think the picture angle is just a little weird. I suggest taking a different one with you standing up.

London Preppy said...

will / chabang: I have no idea what burns more calories (cardio or weights) thaks for sorting this out amongst yourselves

trybaby: Ha ha. the eorld is my hat, I love that! You're right, I am sittign down in the chest picture

timmy: Well everyone was sticking anything they could in there and there were lots of kids running around too. So I'm sure they've got people falling in every day

jimmy: Ha! That's right. It's not our fault if we have a naturally superior attitude right?

jon: Funny you should say that! I did say to Scott, take my picture and I won't have to use the red square. Well thought

Michael Webster said...

Im not a big fan of cracks myself...

Trevor said...

I was in Oxford Street (Sydney) on Sunday and saw in a shop window the combination of a pink polo and green jumper - your look is permeating the world! Next time I'm there I'm expecting more London Preppy lookalikes walking the streets.. wearing red rectangles over their eyes or peering down drains, up chimneys or into meter boxes...

Christopher said...

Indeed, I have a blog, but it is on livejournal (I can make comments here because of my gmail account).

My journal isn't really of the 'dear diary' variety, more of a record of uni and the wilderness years after. Unfortunately, my friends would disown me if they were aware of its contents so it remains restricted, in case it should be stumbled upon.

Some parts might assist you in overcoming insomnia, but large chunks are quite mortifying on reflection.

London Preppy said...

christopher: I'd be very interested to have a look (mainly because I like what I read when you comment here). If you don't midn sharing, you could email me the link and I promise to keep it completely to myself. If not, I understand