Friday, 19 October 2007

Friday 19/10/07

On Thursday I finish work and then I meet Scott and we go to the gym together, and I fear that he may get in the way of me trying to flirt in a restrained manner with the Eastern European guy, but the Eastern European guy isn’t there, so everyone’s happy.

Later at home I check Google Analytics because I have nothing better to do, and looking through the google searches that have directed people to my blog, I find out the following. Amongst hundreds of phrases that people have typed in, we have:

Josh Lewsey gay: 10 people
Josh Lewsey girlfriend: 4 people
Josh Lewsey sexuality: 2 people
“Josh Lewsey” is he gay: 1 person
Is Josh Lewsey gay: 1 person
Josh Lewsey and girlfriend: 1 person


Josh Lewsey gossip: 1 person
Josh Lewsey loves: 1 person
Josh Lewsey shirtless: 1 person
Josh Lewsey underwear: 1 person

I find this quite curious actually, because there seems to be a high level of interest in Josh and his sexuality, which I haven’t personally felt the need to question. Of course I understand that people who use google to find half naked pictures of him, but why do they also feel the need to ask the gay question? I saw several other searches that concerned “Jonny Wilkinson shirtless” or “Christian Bale naked” and all the other guys I have posted pictures of, but for none of them do people ask whether they’re gay. Is there a rumour about Josh that I’m unaware of? Does he have a girlfriend or wife or what?

Not that it’s any good to me anyway if Josh is gay of course, he’s not gonna sleep with me is he? It’s as desperate as straight boys fantasizing about Jessica Alba or Charleze Theron or America Ferrera or Scarlet Johannson or Faye Dunaway or whoever those guys fantasize about these days; it ain’t gonna happen, is it?

Oh yeah and so that we don't forget, here are some more pictures of Josh:

Josh sporting his preppy look trying to sell us something

Josh after he washed his little hair looking like a scared little animal

A big mean guy trying to stop Josh from going places

Finally in the alternative rugby news for today, on the way to work I’m reading the Metro and I see a picture of this guy called Mark Cueto who’s apparently the replacement for Josh in the Saturday game, and I have to say that he looks promising even though he’s not blonde and a sweet little bunny like Josh, but maybe he’s a good enough replacement – I need to find some shirtless pictures first to confirm this though.

On Friday for work I’m wearing Ralph Lauren chinos and a green Ralph Lauren polo shirt (tucked in) and a brown leather belt from the Gap and brown Timberland boating shoes and a Louis Vuitton squash bag. It’s quite cold so I’m also wearing a red scarf from Diesel around my neck (which I take off in the office of course), even though I haven’t taken a jacket with me because I couldn’t find one that goes.

And because I’m wearing a green shirt (see Fuzzy Logic’s blog for picture here) people in the office joke that I must be supporting South Africa in the final tomorrow and I actually wish I could have worn my England rugby top this Friday, but that England rugby top is too tight and too obscene for this office and I’ve given them enough to talk about already.

But then I mention this to Andrews and Andrews says “since when have you gone for the non-obscene option”, so I decide the maybe I should wear the England top next Friday whatever the outcome of the game is tomorrow: to show my pride if England win and my continued support if they lose (because they’re still cute little bunnies).

EDIT: Oh my God. I just googled the phrase Josh Lewsey naked, as I do every night at 1936, and in google images, there is a picture of MY chest on the first page of results. This chest picture here on the right. This is an indication that a) I write about Josh too much and b) I am getting closer to him. Closer and closer.

I have 1 song by Diana King and I've played it 10 times
I have 4 songs by Diana Ross and I've played them 79 time
I have 1 song by Dido and I've played it 1 time


DAMO said...

Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is.........SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!

"Q. Are you married? If not, will you marry me?
Tanya, Birkenhead

I'm not actually - I'm a single man. But sorry Tanya, I'm a bit old fashioned and can't really take up a proposal on e-mail. Sorry..."

We can class the fact that he has turned down some she she as..."Yes LP we have a future!" from him! lol

Who knows?

Go get him! ;-)

DAMO said...

Here is the link for confirmation:

London Preppy said...

damo: Very informative thanks. "I run my own business, doing a lot of sponsorship stuff and engagements". Aaah...little Josh. He thinks he's people!

Jon C said...

I really like your smile in that pic.

London Preppy said...

jon: That smile falls under the category "goofy"

tyler said...

i don't see why you think that it would be impossible for you to marry josh and have his children: have faith!

tyler said...

oh yeah, also: i adore anything involved with OBSESSION...and you got it bad..and that is good.

London Preppy said...

tyler: :-) Obsession eh? I suppose that yes, right now I could spend the next 7 days talking and thinking endlessly about Josh. So I am troubled. And everyone likes a troubled boy

DAMO said...

Right, well until you do get married, here are some little prezzies for you to enjoy...

1. you can ask him here to marry you:

2. And here you you can sit back and watch Josh talk as many times as you like... (well until your internet service expires):


DAMO said...

email him and recomend this blogg! lol

London Preppy said...

damo: Thanks for this link!!! He starts talking and I'm not listening cause I'm thinking oh Josh, shave that "beard" off please and then he goes and says that he'll shave that "stupid little bum fluff off" himself. I don't think we need any further proof that this little bunny is mine and we think the same

London Preppy said...

OK now I've stopped listening again, he's going on about rugby or something. This is how we'll spend the evenings at home, he'll be rambling about this and that and I'll pretend to listen and read my book instead

Jon C said...

Looks like he was wearing the infamous Crocs that Mean was talking about...

London Preppy said...

jon: I know! Time to start believing Mean's story I think

tyler said...

on those cozy evenings at home when josh starts going on about rugby, john varvatos suits and birkenstock sandals: put down your james peterson novel, get on top of him and sex him the fuck up.....

seahorse said...

oh what a joy it would be to experience the SCRUM at home....mmmm

ooops and there the whistle blows. Its all over before it began. damn referee.

enjoy the game today.

seahorse said... the by, just quickly b4 i head to World cup fever....

Christian Bale... well his uncle happens to live in my hometown, he happens to be gay, and i happen to know him personally.
Enough said.

His name is Mike *****
U won't find it on Google.
His Aunt is very wealthy.
His uncle very eccentric.

Thats about that.

Enjoy da game.

seahorse said...

Great Game!
Expected more, u think if your husband was there it would've been better for your country today?

Either way, biased ref in 2nd half, it was emotional regardless.
Well played to all and even Johny said so.

And the nice part is that JOSH didn't play or hurt himself and he is hopefully at home resting himself waiting for your call....mmmm


Tim in Italy said...

Gosh, your obsession with this boy really takes me back. I use to feel this way about, well, nearly everybody.

deuce said...

So I have this conversation from a guy who plays Italian Premiership rugby who dates a friend of mine:
Me - So where are all the gay rugby players then?
S - Well theres Josh
Me - Josh who? (didnt know him at the time see)
S - Josh Lewsey
Me - Oh is he gay then?
S - Oh yeah, hes out to most other players, he doesnt make a big deal out of it
Me - oh right, oh i really like this record
S - me too

London Preppy said...

deuce: Thanks for sharing this. I migth need to open the subject again tomorrow...