Friday, 5 October 2007

Friday 05/10/07

Last week at some point, we receive this email from the company secretary:

“I have arranged for our offices to have a full spring clean one Saturday this month. This would mean that someone would need to be in the offices with the cleaners. It should take about 4 hours, and if you come in you would be entitled to a day in lieu, you would be able to choose which Saturday……any offers ??

I obviously hit reply to this within 3 seconds (“Yes please”) and beat 8 other candidates who just weren’t quick enough in their desperation to have a day off or were just slow readers (I don’t know which one is worse). So this is what I’m doing this Saturday morning.

On Thursday this week I receive this text from my agent: “Chelsea football players body doubling commercial. Casting this Saturday (casting director xxx xx). Role: body doubling Chelsea players. Will be mainly close-ups of arms ands legs so must be toned and muscled like footballers. Football skills less important than looks (though must have played a bit in past). Up for cast?”

So I say yes to this as well and it turns out they want to cast me and this is what I’m doing this Saturday afternoon.

Now here are two points that were left over from yesterday: d) naked pictures of my and my friends and e) things you bought for me indirectly:

d) Naked pictures.

As I’m trying to be less pornographic and tragic these days I’m really not excited about the prospect of putting up more shirtless self-pictures on here, but they were recently requested and when I mentioned it yesterday there was a number of comments of people who also wanted them. I will refrain from feeling disappointed at this point because in a recent poll about 60% of respondents say they come back here for the stories and only 15% said they come back for the pictures and this is exactly how we want it to be. But you know, maybe there needs to be a balance, so here is some photographic evidence that I am still shallow and vacant.

Scott and me at DTPM:

Donnell and me at DTPM:

Me I guess:

e) Things you bought for me.

This week I went on ebay and as part of a recent endeavour to turn the whole of my casual wardrobe pink and green, I bought the following two t-shirts. I used the donations you have made on paypal to pay for these, so thank you very much, I guess these are presents you have bought me then, involuntarily contributing to my pink and green plan. As soon as postmen in the UK decide to get off their arses, put an end to their strike and deliver these to me I will take some pictures and post them.

Finally, this is what I’m wearing on Friday and it’s a pair of Diesel jeans, green Ralph Lauren belt, white squash trainers and pink American Apparel polo shirt. This is the second pink American Apparel polo shirt that I’ve bought in a week, because the first one (size extra small) is a bit too tight and inappropriate for and office environment even on a dress-down Friday (great for personal life though). So I had to go and buy one on size small as well for less pornographic use.

This outfit says I may be well-bred and proper but I’m also so fucking active and sporty that I have to wear squash trainers all the time in case I walk into an impromptu tournament.

I have 1 song by Dakar & Grinser and I've played it 5 times
I have 14 song by Damien Rice and I've played them 239 times
I have 1 song by Dana Dawson and I've played it 29 times


Silly Billy said...

Because impromptu squash tournaments pop up all the time in your neck of the woods?

Christopher said...


You have no idea how much I loathe myself for saying this sort of thing, but I can't resist:

It should read "Scott and me". Most people use 'I' inappropriately. The trick is to remove the other person and think what would sound appropriate; one wouldn't write "I at DTPM".

Sorry. I'm an utterly patronising (and tragically mono-lingual) wank-shite. I just have problems with impulse control; hence why I don't look anywhere near as good as you do (I'm not fat, but after the criticism, I thought a compliment was in order, and hopefully it's not too creepy or fawning like some).

Again, sorry.

London Preppy said...

silly billy: All the frigging time!

christopher: No need to apologise, I do like to be corrected when I've made a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out

Jon C said...

No grey cardigan this time? Must be warmer out. :)

Wasn't this money supposed to be used for going back to school?

London Preppy said...

jon: Yes, I was plannign to wear my new green cardigan today but it was 20 degrees. Who would have thought!

Well I probably need £3,000 on fees plus around £8,000 on living expenses per year if I go back to school, so I don't think readers' donations will stretch that far! They are pefrect for buying the occasional ebay top though :-)

tyler said...

what's up w/that?
lol: i thought we were donating money for your college fund not too dress you up like a proper prep. huh?
i used to have a ralph lauren madras print long sleeve dress shirt with a matching tie that was ultra cool. my uncle bought it in the '80's and it had the old lauren polo player logo sewn on it.
he also gave me two rl flannel (heavy cotton) long sleevers in pink and butter yellow: also very cool from the early '80's. i had all 3 of them tailored so they fit perfectly. BUT someone at school absconded with them and broke my heart. oh well.
also: what's with the hand taping?
i saw posh and becks here in sb at downey's restaurant were stunningly gorgeous and becks actaully spoke to me out of blue and scared the shit out of me...ha!

London Preppy said...

tyler: As per comment above - I'm still waiting for that one massive donation by a rich reader to get me through college!

What did he say to you?! I guess you'll write in your blog

Impressed Guy said...

Hey Preppy this is Athens Calling! Ti kaneis? This is a nice blog and you look really nice. Many kisses from Greece.

London Preppy said...

impressed: Na'sai kala, efharisto poly! Mollis koitaksa kai to diko sou, pou einai endiaferon. Ase pou mou thymises oti to Homogenic vgike prin 10 xronia!!! Thee mou eimai toso megalos loipon!

Knight said...

You missed out on your song counts in this post =)

Tim in Italy said...

I don't think you need worry about people coming to your blog only for pictures of your abs, beautiful though they are. A dull and/or boorish boy, no matter how beautiful, can't keep an audience the way you do. Your blog is unique, made so by your particular style and the fact that you're a keen observer. I think of the snaps as icing on the cake... and a continuing indicator that I'm not dead yet.

Bobby Vanquish said...

Nice top. Polo tops only work if you have big arms. I hate when really weedy guys wear them - looks chavvy. So you'll have no problem. Make sure you post a photo with it on.
(and can i say that your office loos like the changerooms at Debenhams. oh god i can't believe i just admitted i know that the inside of those look like)

London Preppy said...

knight: All fixed now!

tim: Thanks for saying the blog is unique. I'd like to read elaborate thoughts from other people who appear as appear as vacant as me on first sight - it makes for a nice contradiction. So I'm waiting for the complete works of Paris Hilton or something

bobby: I expect you're nice because you've been up all night and hallucinating by that point!