Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wednesday 19/09/07

So I’m chatting to Donnell and we’re discussing the possibility of me going back to school next year and I mention that if that happens I won’t be able to afford my flat and I will probably have to move to Zone 2 and Donnell asks me whether I’ll bleed if that happens, which I suppose is true and I will.

Then considering different ideas of how I can finance myself now that prostitution and exhibitionism are out of the window, I consider featured paid adverts on the blog. You know, just on the sidebar, not in the text / what I write. Even though to be honest I would be very happy to go on about how fucking great Krispy Kreme doughnuts are on a daily basis if they paid me to do it. But don’t think I have any standards, damn it I would even sing the praises of Abercrombie & Fitch if they gave me money (I was trying to find a brand I truly hate and this is the best I could come up with, not that I’m bitter or anything)

Anyway, moving back to more realistic targets, I have seen several blogs with ads on the sidebar. Does anyone know how I could do that / whom I need to contact / what I need to tell them? Let me know if you can.

I spend a significant amount of Tuesday looking at the website with preppy names that I wrote about yesterday.

I mentioned that I couldn’t possibly change my name again, because people will think I’ve got a screw loose. Or I’m running away from something. Both of these statements are true of course, but we don’t want everyone to realize that immediately.

Then I come up with the ingenious idea that I should at least adopt a middle name. At the moment I don’t have one. Then I come up with the even more ingenious idea to adopt two middle names – why stop at one? This is where you come in.

I have decided on one of my middle names and I need your help to decide on the other one. Unfortunately I can’t tell you my first name or my surname or the middle name that I’ve decided on, so you’ll just have to base your decision on personal preference and not on what actually goes with the rest. I could tell you I suppose that my first name is a very Greek, quite posh name that has 12 letters (the 4-letter name people call me by is an abbreviation of that). My other middle name has 5 letters and my surname is Welsh.

So really, go with whatever you want, you can’t really make it worse.

I have narrowed it down to a shortlist of 6 and you can vote in the poll on the right. The names are:


Here are some criteria that might help you choose:

1) I would like my middle name to sound American if possible
2) I would like my middle name to make me sound unconventional yet established
3) I would like my middle name to make me sound generally balanced but with impulsive streaks here and there
4) I would like my middle name to go with my face

I can’t show you my face now, so here is my face when I was 3 years old.

Finally, this is a story that a friend of Scott’s made up, describing what somebody with my full 4-word name might sound like - apart from crazy (I think the impression remains the same no matter what we decide my other middle name to be):

“XXXXXXXXXXXX was the orphaned son of a Greek shipping tycoon who was murdered by his evil twin brother in an attempt to take the empire. XXXXXXXXXXXX was adopted by an upper class Welsh dynasty whose fortune was made in mining before Thatcher closed the unions down. He now finds his destiny caught up on a whirlwind of upstairs / downstairs sexual politics”

We like that a lot. Oh and finally, I know everyone will have different ideas, but please do not make any more suggestions about names, you will only confuse me further and my head will explode – it took me about 13 hours to come up with the shortlist.

I have 2 songs by Chumbawamba and I've played them 14 times
I have 1 songs by City High and I've played it 3 times
I have 1 song by CJ Bolland and I've played it 46 times

Number of days since I submitted my new article to AXM and haven't heard back: 2


Gabriel said...

i voted for brodie since its a boganish (think west london i guess) type name in australia.

chrispeaper said...

Seeing your thoughts on Abercrombie thought you might like the MadTV take on the store:

Knight said...

You seem to have a thing for names starting with 'B' and ending with '-er' HA HA!

London Preppy said...

gabriel: Cool, thanks for voting, I am actualyl very interested in the results of this

chrispeaper: Thank you - I'll have to watch this when I get home with sound, looks like I'll like it a lot

knight: Yes, but never combined :-)

eL'Pippino said...

I know you asked not to add any names but..what about XXXXXX 'danger' Welsh? it's American (probably not very east coast tho) and it matches your face. You could add a letter pronunciation stroke to make it more established. Definately has the impulsive thing going on.

Andre said...

ahaha what's the deal with the recent trend of posting pics of our youth?! :)

You are such a Porter to me!

tyler said...

mercer is a great hotel in soho, nyc and i love to drink porter with a shot of both are cool with me....

London Preppy said...

el'pippino: I have to point out (the way I wrote it wasn't clear maybe): my surname isn't the word "Welsh". It's just a Welsh surname

andre: I can't say what I want on here cause I don't want to influence the vote - I'll message you on your blog


I voted by Brodie, definitely.
You are discussing the possibility of go back to school next year....Really?Really?
Back to school is the easiest way. First... try find a new job. School is always open for you.
Thinks for the picture.

FireFawkes said...

I'm suggesting Brodie-Mercer as a double barrel second middle name, though that might just make your whole name just too unwieldy...

London Preppy said...

coverboy: What, the baby picture?

firefawkes: Hmm..That would drive my name up to a total of 35 letters. Maybe a bit too much!

andrew said...

Definitely Brodie

Tim in Italy said...

Wait! Wait! Wait! When did we rule out prostitution? Exhibitionism I can understand, because tat was totally boring, but I was totally on board for prostitution, for totally selfish reason, of course. I'll have to check my notes.

Brodie. Yes. I agree. But we have to think about when you publish your first article, short story or book. You don't want people talking at drinks parties and refering to you as, "that new author with the four names". Brodie is easy to remember, but still unusual, so you'll at least have people saying, "that Brodie fellow", which is much better.

I wonder BEE started like this.

Jim said...

Blaine - it's a trashy little town near the Canadian border next to where I grew up.
Brodie - it's what we in America sometimes shout when we are driving and we hit the gas hard to make gravel kick up behind you.
Bronson - As in Bronson Pinchot? The actor?
Porter - Porter Wagner the country western singer or Porter who carried my bags to my room?
Turner - Page turner? Tina Turner? Rolls over?

Mercer - Can't think of anything hideous associated with it.

I vote for Mercer.

T said...


Check out for a way to add ads to your blog. You can even incorporate it with google analytics.

London Preppy said...

tim: Fine, fine. Maybe I'll pitch prostitution to my friends

jim: Thanks - at least you thought this through obviously, and didn't just vote randomly. Very well done

t: Nice one, thanks a lot

the one in your dreams said...

haha WOW. zone 2? thats the equivalent of people in new york moving to brooklyn.

i never visited anyone in brooklyn. but good luck with that.

incidentally, three of my various college roommates had names on your list.

Christopher said...

I'm not going to voice a preference, but being a London–living South East England, clipped-accented metropolitan pansy of the variety you must encounter every day, this is what I get from the names:

Blaine-David=Twat. Much hated.

Brodie=Sounds like Adrien, spelt like the film Dame Maggie got the Oscar for. Rather Scottish-American. Be prepared for questions about the Clan.

Bronson-Charlie/Sounds like Pierce. A little Irish American. Might want to look up the psycho who does a lot of keep fit currently serving at Her Majesty's Pleasure (I love that phrase) with that name.

Mercer-A textile merchant (I'm thinking of the livery hall in London). Also a slightly racist Tory MP (Sir Patrick),

Porter-Goofy teethed bespectacled Janet. Chirpy downtrodden characters at university's. Dame Shirley; hideously corrupt Tory parvenu; least favourite achievement of greengrocer magnate (and a rather non-preppy greengrocer’s at that).

Turner-Tina & Impressionist Artist. Painted Britain's favourite painting (of a knackered boat).

Those are my gut responses.

For a list of preppy names of miscellaneous European origin, you could always take a look at a list like this:
The minor royals have appropriately left-field, guest-list-at-Boujis type names.

Or...what about creating a portmanteau of a phrase or names of a few characters you like/connect to in fiction? Something distinctive.

I wish I’d got the traditional family names of Willoughby or Quemby. Alas, it was not to be.

London Preppy said...

the one in your dreams: Well not quite, as Zone 1 only covers a distance of about 6.6 miles in length. So moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is more like moving from Zone 1 to Zone 5 or something

London Preppy said...

christopher: What a great list. Also how odd that the Greek Royal family are covering positions 226 to 234 and 411 - 412 on the line. But I already have one of their names

DAMO said...

I agree with Christopher. Absolutely!

DAMO said...

Well we have seen the lp of the eighties and the naughties, but what did the nineties lp look like?

London Preppy said...

damo: trust me, not great

B said...

Go with Brodie, works best with your existing first and last names, plus I think it's the image you are going for.

daze said...

damn that axm - why don't you sell your blog to a publisher 'girl with a one track mind' - i found out i could but once again politics. ps: check my blog, i found you in gatwick.

erik said...

Info on a few gay blogs ad space.

Joe said...

Blair(e) is the new Blaine. Hip & fun! It is you! Do it now or regret it forever.

Trybaby said...

oh I would like to see skinny LP going through his awkward phase and just learning "about him self".

London Preppy said...

b: Brodie does seem inexplicably popular at the moment...

daze: From your blog: "I scanned through AXM, looking at London Preppy on the front of it...but I refused to buy as they had not sorted his article out". Ha ha, that's brilliant!

arik: Thank you!

joe: Blair was almost on my shortlist - if it hadn't been for the former PM. People would always ask about the association

trybaby: I would defo post them - but they're a bit hard to find (no digital pics from then). I'll have a look see if I can find and scan any

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London Preppy said...

superdrewby: Thanks. I have no moral issues whatsoever so I'll check it out. I might ask you questions if I don't understand mind you!