Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wednesday 05/09/07

So as you know when AXM first contacted me to do the latest cover shoot they also said that they wanted me to write a short article for them (about 500 words) on a specific topic they gave me, which would be published in the following issue (the one after the Naked Issue). And this was one of the main reasons why I accepted to do the shoot, as I would much rather try my hand at writing and have something published than continue to do daft and shameful photoshoots which I’ve had enough of to be honest.

So here’s the timeline of the recent events relating to this:

Wednesday, 15th August: AXM with me on the cover comes out

Monday, 20th August: I email the editor and tell him that I like the cover. I thank him for asking me to do the shoot. I also ask when he would like me to send my article through, which I’ve already written, even though I suspect it’s still a bit early. A few minutes later I get an Out of Office reply, which says that he will be back on Tuesday 28th August

Thursday, 30th August: I give it a couple of days after his return (presumably he has a lot to catch up with after being away for a week and doesn’t need me pestering him as well) and I email again. I ask how his holiday was, comment that I hope sales for the Naked Issue have gone well and ask whether he would like me to send my article through

Monday 3rd September: Having received no reply yet, I decide to email again. I mention the emails I’ve already sent, make a joke that possibly having me on the cover affected sales really badly and they don’t want me to write the article anymore and ask him to please let me know either way

On the same day, I sent a similar message to the magazine via their Myspace page, just in case the editor hasn’t been picking up his emails or something. Later that day I see that the message I sent has been read (you can check that on myspace), but I still haven’t received a reply.

So here we are then, 4 messages later and no response. I don’t know – maybe I’m being a bit impatient? I may have this completely wrong because obviously I don’t know how magazines work and it might still be too early for them to start looking at articles for the next issue, even though the last one came out on the 15th of August and I presume the next one will be out in 10 days. So we’ll see how that goes innit.

Other things that happen on Tuesday are:

- The tube strike is still going so Scott picks me up from the gym on his motorbike and we go home

- He has bought me a present, which is a face mask, and no we don’t usually sit at home putting on face masks and doing our nails, but this one is a chocolate one which he thought I would like, which I do, and to be honest I don’t really know if it does anything for my skin, but it sure smells and tastes good

Mean sends me an email where he reviews yesterday’s post and identifies the common recurring themes of my blog in a hilarious manner:

Emotional introspection: check

Britpop namecheck: er...check

Disdain for lower social grades: check

Unrequited lust for Josh: check

Formulaic. But if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it.

Then we joke that I should eventually produce a software program to write the blog for me. Something perhaps where I just throw some words in and it rearranges them into infinite combinations. And some of the words could be:

- Depressed
- Abs
- Josh
- The Bluetones
- Valium
- Central London
- Secretaries

So we could have:

“I look at Josh’s abs in a magazine I’m flicking through and I get depressed and I’m in central London surrounded by secretaries so I drop two Valium and my iPod is playing the Bluetones”

“I’m at the gym and I’m doing abs and some trashy secretary’s on the running machine who probably uses a map to find her way around central London and I remember that I’ve run out of Valium so I make a note to ask Frederik to write me a prescription and an old video by The Bluetones comes on TV and I’m feeling depressed”

I have 1 song by Caesars and I’ve played it 3 times
I have 3 songs by Cake and I’ve played them 67 times
I have 4 songs by Calvin Harris and I’ve played them 2 times


Steven said...

Magazine editors receive an inordinate amount of e-mails on a daily basis. They're not ignoring you, but they're on a strict schedule.

Also, they normally work 3-4 months ahead of schedule. So, your article might only come out at the end of the year.

Lastly, call them. The (sort of) rule is two e-mails (that get no response), then a phone call.

London Preppy said...

steven: Well the thing is that they were very quick on the email when we were arranging the shoot and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it. Some very fast responses then!

About the schedule, I think in this case they were with a lot shorter timings. We actually shot the cover only 2 weeks before it was on the news stands!

Andre said...

Why don't you send an e-mail to one of his assistants? You can see if they read it by using the notification of reading (don't really know how is it called in english, but it's something you can set up on outlook by clicking on a box in the options section I guess).. I have the feeling he's avoiding you..

Oh, and someone posted on my myspace this greek music video and I thought of you. Is this guy any famous/good? He sounds like a Greek Justin Timberlake..

Knight said...

Is it just me or did the choc mask sorta stretch your faces? I have to add you have a VERY nice set of teeth HA hA! I think it's one of the rare pic when we can see your mouth =)

London Preppy said...

andre: I have the feeling he's avoiding me too. I don't get it though, he could simply say, no we won't run the article after all - I'm not going to explode am I? It would be good ot know either way!

The singer in that video is VERY famous. He's been going for 15 years or something and there have always been rumours he's gay. He currently has a fake girlfriend. I do like this song mind you!

knight: Yes, the teeth make a rare outing!

Trybaby said...

Are you supposed to be eating the face mask? Is it basically chocolate that you put on your face? And it's all natural so you can eat it even though it has a sunscreen after taste? Is that what you and Scott do after you put it on? Eat each other ;).

That's unfortunate that they won't respond, I hate it when people do that. Why can't they just have a clean break instead of stringing you along when they have no intention of talking to you. I'll boycott them if you want me to. Actually I've been doing that all this time and all my life actually but this time it's for you :)

Jim said...

I think you should shake things up a bit. Switch out abs for arms. Switch out Xanax for Valium.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: Not sure I was supposed to eat the face mask. It did have that sun lotion aftertaste. I can't help not eating somethign that smells so much like chocolate though

jim: Ooh I don't know. Suchg changes might alienate the audience

chabang said...

Most of the UK mags have a 3-4 week copy deadline (photos can come in later when you know what they're going to be) - that said I've had dealings with AXM (Milivres Prowler) and their associated publications and found them to be the least professional, least courtious, most amature publications ever who routinely break all the basic rules of journalism - and i've dealt with NUTS magazine!


ps - nice showbiz teeth :-p

London Preppy said...

chabang: I've actually gotan update on this cause I rang them. I'll post tomorrow. Thanks for the insight though

fuzzy logic said...


brenton said...

that's a hilarious post.
I like the auto blog function but I'd hate to imagine the words I'd have to program into mine. Doodle I think would be a regular.
I was asked ages ago to write for REfresh UK mag and never heard anything from them after I sent two articles to them.