Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Tuesday 18/09/07

So whoring myself on a website for a few dollars has proved quite an unpopular idea amongst friends and other acquaintances. Every time I come up with a plan or an obsession to do something (approximately every other day) I get really excited and enthusiastic and I can’t think very clearly. This is why I have to ask people who I trust what they think, and consider their opinions.

This is also necessary because, having no self-respect, I have a much faltered sense of morality; what is decent and what’s not. A faltered sense of morality regarding my own actions only of course, as I’m very good at judging other people, no problem.

So here’s what different people think about the idea in my post yesterday.

Matty says: “Think of the economics. In order to buy that £400 coat / suitcase / belt / rowing machine / bowler hat, you’d have to spend nearly 7 hours prancing around naked. Instead you could be watching Family Guy. You do the math. Oh and it’ll be around and potentially hanging over your head for the rest of your life”

I says: But what if I did this full time Matty, hmm? £60 per hour x 7 hours a day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks in a year = £109,200 annual income

Andrews says: “It’s prob not the best scheme ever! If you have second thoughts about modeling and your rent boy career didn’t exactly work this is prob not a good idea!”

I says: I would just like to point out that I’ve never embarked on a rent boy career and I don’t know what Andrews is talking about

Donnell says: “I would say defo don’t. The money isn’t worth it. It could come back and haunt you”.

Orville says: “Is this website thing a really good idea dude? It might be a quick buck, but your blog has been a bit downbeat recently and I dunno if this is the kind of thing that's gonna have you back in love with life.....”

Somebody else whose name I won’t mention sends me two long emails analyzing over 1,148 words why I shouldn’t do it and telling me that I will ruin my life and I should resist from pressing my self-destruct button.

Reading this makes me draw parallels between me and Britney Spears, which extend further than both of us shaving our heads after a particularly tough time (Britney after a messy divorce and parenting issues this year and me after 4 months of paralysis last year) and I decided that maybe I should put an end to my personal meltdown before I take to the MTV stage completely zoned out wearing my underwear and stumbling my way through a not-particularly-demanding routine.

Even though I have to say that I do love the part of Britney’s performance where Britney waves her right hand in front of her face during some instrumental bit, like she’s “cooling herself down” and then extends her arm to the right and then to the left.

So anyway, I guess the decision is to refrain from the online nudity and I will just have to find alternative ways to fund any further study. (Which also reminds me thanks very, very much to those who have contributed to the College Fund so far).

Then for the rest of Monday evening I go on this website here that has a list of preppy names you can give to your baby and I like it so much that I can’t describe. I would try to make a shortlist of the top 10 names I like the most maybe but it’s really impossible, I like most of them.

And if I hadn’t changed my name 4 times already (my surname once officially and my first name three times but just using different variations of the name I was born with and demanding that people forget the previous ones), I would be tempted to choose another first name from that list. But now it might be a bit insane.

I have 1 song by Chris Isaak and I've played it 56 times
I have 5 songs by Christina Aguilera and I've played them 19 times
I have 1 song by the Chromatics and I've played it 17 times

Number of days since I submitted my new article to AXM and haven't heard back: 1


Knight said...

Your friends know what's best! I think its a short term-rewarding($) long term depressing kinda job. It will stick with you the rest of your life PLUS you are worth much more than becoming an online whore =))

Anyways, the names are pretty funky! Sorta like surnames of famous people eg. munroe, hathaway, blair, steele etc. Waiting for your top 10 list!

London Preppy said...

knight: I can't resist from making that list any longer. It might take a while, but I'll do it

IronKnee said...

In the United States, an osteopath is virtually the same as a regular medical doctor, and it's very common for a group practice to include both MD's and osteopaths, all of whom do the same thing. What you're describing (massage, bodily manipulation, etc.)is more in line with what a chiropractor does in the US. Chiropractors don't perform surgery or prescribe medicine; osteopaths do both. You might already know this, but I thought I'd pass it on in case you didn't.

Mike Novak said...

Oh, such a shame… It seems that if you’re really serious about your “moral decline” you’re going to have to find new friends and acquaintances. They don’t seem to be helping.

Times are changing. Paris Hilton’s bounced back from her sex tapes. Matt Sanchez’s gay porn didn’t seem to hurt him. He’s a conservative Iraq War “correspondent”, now. Soft porn could be a good career move, so 2008.

Then again, I guess you can always use the other Paris Hilton publicity ploy and get arrested. I probably wouldn’t recommend drinking and driving...but then again, hey...

FitnessNerd said...

Your friends are right. It would hang over you forever. I got offered to be in a Sean Cody video a couple months ago, and maybe if I had been 22 and crazy (and more fit, they must be blind), I would have thought about it. The money was certainly nice, but like one of my MySpace friends who just did that, he is forever going to be known as "that guy who rode the gymnast like a champ on Sean Cody." I know you weren't planning on being naughty, but the stigma is still there. Plus, even though you're a hottie, people aren't going to watch you pay bills and blog for long...they'll be hounding you for the goods. :)

Bobby Vanquish said...

The Chris Isaak song is Blue Hotel, I bet. Did he ever sing anything else?
I used to think he was fit. Especially in that black and white video with Helena the model.

London Preppy said...

mike: You have an open mind. I like that

bobby: Erm..it is the song from the b&w video of course. Wicked Game innit

Matt said...

Fund raising idea #3568

Why don't you make your blog paid subscription only. With 7,268 unique readers (or whatever it is) you surely could generate some income. You could also charge for comments and 25p to vote in the daily survey (it works for Sky).

As key generator for this idea, I, of course, receive a complimentary lifetime subscription.

London Preppy said...

matt: I seriously doubt anyone would pay to read this! MAybe I'll test this idea in the next poll though