Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tuesday 04/09/07

So because I think that life is bad enough and I don’t really want any additional negativity if I can help it, I’ve got this thing going where I don’t watch anything negative or sad or miserable on TV. And that includes any violence, anyone getting hurt (physically or emotionally), anyone dying, people arguing, people shouting, anything relating to sickness, poverty, suffering, any tears, tantrums, social issues, etc. Anything relating to real life then.

And here are some examples of how this affects my TV watching habits:

- The only films I can watch (or start watching anyway because I lose interest 22 minutes in usually) are children’s films / teen comedies / romantic comedies. I could never ever bring myself to watch anything serious like Babel or The Green Mile, etc

- I never watch the news

- When I watch the Simpsons and Itchy & Scratchy comes on I look away because it’s too violent and graphic

- I don’t watch documentaries or current affairs programmes

- I can’t watch reality shows like Big Brother, because people just shout at each other and I find it distressing

Another area where this behaviour extends is my relationship with other people. When somebody (friend / acquaintance) says or does something that upsets me I don’t stay there to argue or confront them or discuss it, I just walk away. Well, when they first say it I may argue a bit then, but in the long-term I stop being friends or stop talking to them.

And I like living in this bubble very much.

Anyway, on Tuesday there’s supposed to be a tube strike, but I never really believe that because what usually happens is that everyone gets really excited / terrified when this is announced and then you turn up and everything is working fine, because the decided not to go ahead with it.

But this time they seem more determined and when I check both the tube stations that are near my house at 0905 they’re closed and they’re sending people away. I could bitch about this like every other Londoner, but I don’t mind really.

I don’t really want to say where I live, because one of the 2-3 people who occasionally send anonymous aggro emails / comments might turn up and kill me if I do, but I can tell you that it would probably take 45-50 minutes to walk from home to work. And Tuesday is a nice day so I set off to do that. And whilst I’m walking along a lovely central London park for 20 minutes I’m listening to Menswear and Marion and the Manic Street Preachers and I’m feeling quite happy.

But I’m carrying a heavy gym bag and I’m starting to get sweaty and tired and slightly annoyed about halfway to work and then I decide to give up and take the bus. Normally buses are disgusting of course and I would never get on one, but today the passengers are not of the usual low-life demographic, they are office workers who would normally take the tube but can’t, so it’s alright.

And the bus goes past Niketown and I see a huge picture of Josh Lewsey stuck on the window, so I a) fall in love again and b) take a picture.

And then I switch my soundtrack to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch and I listen to that on a constant loop until I reach my office and I realise that I have to replace all my underwear with crispy white Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

I have 1 song by The Buzzcocks and I’ve played it 9 times
I have 1 song by C&C Music Factory and I’ve played it 8 times
I have 1 song by Cabaret Voltaire and I’ve played it 2 times


Knight said...

Romantic movies may be sad as well ;-) I hate to admit it, but I sometimes get emo when I drown in the movie HA HA

SAMYKEA said...

Hey London Preppy. I just discover your blog. I like a lot. You are a philosopher, a modern coverboy philosopher..... Maybe you are greek?.
Live is the best....unfair but amazing.

Trevor said...

Ah, but to experience real emotion through film is a wonderful thing - a little too rare - but remarkable when it happens - don't insulate yourself from those experiences!
But feel free to do the crispy white boxer briefs (or someone else in them).

DAMO said...

Good vibrations by Marky mark and the funky bunch! TOP FORM!
I am impressed!

That takes me back to 1991 me thinks! Think I was eleven then. Cries! - I am soo old!!!!!!!!

Trybaby said...

Guess what! You are now the first entry when you Google "London Preppy" before it was some site called Preppy London about some upper class preppy childrens school.

You must be very empathetic if it affects you so much.

So only the cool people take the tube? But don't you need to take the bus from the tube station to get where you are going? Or is the system so good in london that you don't really need to? I guess london is small?

How did you like the look of the crest with your words on it?

London Preppy said...

knight: I try to avoid soppy romantic movies as well. Only comedies will do!

samykea: Erm...thanks. I think!

trevor: I'll be stocking up on the white boxers at the weekend I think

damo: I was 11 in 1991 too

trybaby: No, not only cool people take the tube. I'm half joking about the bus really. Tube is a lot more expensive than the tube mind you. And no, no need to take the bus to continue my journey. Central London is very well covered by the tube system and I live and work in central London so transport is easy

I really, really like the crest with the words. When you've finalised it and you're happy with it too (e.g. the curving in the words etc) I'll post it on the blog

Dean said...

Trybaby called you empathetic. Your performance at Vauxhall Market was (erm)pathetic.

And if you google London Preppy your website is, indeed, first on the list. But I doubt you'd be happy with the advertiser that appears above.

Stay sexy

London Preppy said...

dean: Ha ha, very good. I will steal the (erm)pathetic pun at some point and use it in the blog. Thankfully I'm sure nobody reads the comments so they'll think it was mine. Mine I tells you.

PS Damn A&F having adopted the word preppy as their own! There's no escape from them is there?

Trybaby said...

Cool, I'm really happy that you like it. There are a few things that I still want to try to do to it but yeah you'll be the first to know when I'm done.
And I assume that you mean the Tube is more expensive than the bus.

Tim in Italy said...

When my ex married a woman and had kids I was awe struck and they became three of the most important people in my life. Now I can't watch the news and any story about children being hurt or abused sends me into a major depression. I live in happy ignorance, so I understand.

Otherwise, I believe you forgot to mention your uncompromising honesty, both with us and with yourself. This lack of hypocrisy keeps you from being boorish and is what keeps me coming back... okay, that and your abs... and your pecs... I wish I had more of a problem being shallow, but I don't, really.

Trybaby said...

I've done the lettering but I still want to make the leaves better. Those leaves were just temporary leaves I made in 30 seconds. I want to make really nice ones. The ones that are there right now don't fit in the overall tone of the design. They are too loose and free hand, when everything else is so exactly defined and sharp.

But here have a look anyways at the lettering and see if it looks good to you.