Thursday, 27 September 2007

Thursday 27/09/07

After immense pressure yesterday (well…one person asked), here’s a couple of pictures of what I was wearing at work as described in Wednesday’s post. These pictures are taken through the mirror in the toilets at work, around 1825 on Wednesday evening when I have lost the will to live and considering taking off my maroon Fred Perry cardigan, tying a knot and hanging myself from the lights on the ceiling. Also they are a bit rushed, because I didn’t want anyone to walk in and ask me what I’m doing taking pictures of myself in the toilets.

Anyway, after finally leaving work I go to the gym where I do a very quick workout (biceps, triceps, abs), as I’m running behind schedule and I have to get home (the TV won’t watch itself for 3 hours you know). On the tube home – listening to Let Me Know by Roisin Murphy on constant loop because I just downloaded it and I want to increase its play count so that it ends up in my Top 10 Most Played New Songs of 2007 – I realize that for the first time, the free newspaper is actually giving me some useful information apart from retarded letters from people who live in peripheral London and want to rant about something to break up their 2-hour commute back home.

And this information is: “Xmas ice rink for Hyde Park. London’s largest outdoor ice rink will open in Hyde Park this December. The rink is part of a “Winter Wonderland” being created in the park for Christmas. Other attractions include a toboggan slide, a German festive market and amusement rides. The site will open for five weeks from 1 December”.

This of course sounds great, even though I’m not sure this Winter Wonderland will include the reindeer London residents have been craving for. Regardless, I’m very much looking forward to the ice rink (even though I’ve never skated in my life), the toboggan slide (even though I don’t know what that is and I’m unable to google it at this moment), the German festive market (even though I’m not sure what Germany has to offer me personally in terms of festive treats) and the amusement rides (even though I never go on them because they upset my equilibrium and I get annoyed). But yes, definitely looking forward to this event.

At home it becomes apparent that the summer is most definitely over and I need to put the heating back on, but in order to do set the timer I need to go in this dark, spiderweb-ridden cellar type room outside the flat, but to be honest I’m too scared to do that this late in the evening (who knows who might jump out of there) plus I’ve just had a shower so I put it off until the weekend. In the meantime, I fill up my hot water bottle and sit on the couch with Family Guy / Desperate Housewives on.

Then my dad calls and I would love to screen him, but we haven’t spoken for days plus I might need him next year if I go back to school so I answer, and we discuss the possibility of me being a student again. He is actually very open-minded and encouraging about this, but it’s mainly because he suspects that if I were to do a paramedical degree potentially I could be making good money, and there is nothing that my dad values more than financial success.

My last activity before going to bed is to leave a response to Ace’s birthday invite on facebook. If you’re not familiar – having a facebook profile allows you to invite other friends who have a profile to any event you want to arrange. People then can accept / decline / state undecided. So on this instance, Ace has invited us to his birthday night out on 12 October.

Before copying my response here, this is the background: On my last birthday back in January I didn’t really want to have some huge party or a night out, I just wanted to spend it with my closest friends and boyfriend. So I invited the lads (Matty, Mean, Ace, Nats) and Scott. I just wanted to go and have a curry somewhere in Soho and chat or something. Matty and Nats were on holiday so they couldn’t make it. Mean and Scott came. Ace replied that it didn’t sound that great and he didn’t come. So this is what I wrote on his facebook now:

“xxx January 2007. London Preppy’s 27th birthday after having spent his 26th on a hospital bed the year before*. It’s a low key event and London Preppy just asks the lads if they want to come for a curry in Soho with him and Scott. Matty is away on holiday. Mean comes. Ace replies that he doesn’t really fancy that.12th October 2007. London Preppy doesn’t really fancy that.”

*I whip this out at every opportunity for dramatic effect.

Finally, here’s a picture of a gymnast that American Girl forwarded to me today to cheer me up.

I have 1 song by Cornershop and I’ve played it 7 times
I have 1 song by Corona and I’ve played it 0 times
I have 2 songs by Counting Crows and I’ve played them 45 times

Number of days since I submitted my new article to AXM and haven’t heard back yet even though I’ve also chased them with an additional email: 10

EDIT: I just sent another email (obviously I have nothing better to do) and this time I got a reply. We can freak out again later.


DAMO said...

0 plays by Corona!!!!!!
tut tut!
I mean not even "try me out" or "rhythm of the night" ooh something is wrong there.

I love that maroon top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do know how to dress well!

Glad to hear that you and your dad had a chat about you going back to uni and that he is happy about that, whatever his reasons are.

Very funny response to the birthday request! I will try that one lol

Axm are being a little unfair in the fact that they have once again given you a topic and haven't even responded in anyway. I know that running a magazine is a heavy scheduled affair, but to be honest, I think that they could at least have the courtesy to respond and acknowledge your efforts. They are taking the piss a bit. As I have mentioned before, they were super duper quick at getting onto you for that photoshoot. innit?
Do you know, I think that Gay times maybe the best mag to go for. Pitch your other piece you did for them, maybe?

chrispeaper said...

The Hyde Park thing sounds great - I might actually make my way up from the South Coast for that if i'm at a point where i won't panic about being to far from home.

The German market will have these Cinammon Xmas biscuits called Pfeffernüsse - very nice - but don't go over the top on them - apart from being a bit carby for you - I ended up with a nasty rash after pigging out the first time I tried them.

London Preppy said...

damo: This is my main problem with AXM. THEY asked ME to do it. I didn't go after them. It's just weird. If this continues and the article doesn't get acknowledged, I will ask everyone to send them an email

chrispeaper: Well, I have to say I'm not a fan of cinammon so I won't be getting any rashes!

seahorse said...


oooh bitchyyyyyyyyy.......
with regards to that rsvp haha great stuff!

ok i have decided to join the blogging world as i feel i could contribute more shit as we can't control our pollution levels as it is, so i need some pointers. Like how the **** does one add someone?

done my first video post, managed that, but am learning believe me.

Yes well so u got your METRO i hope, but did u suffer the same indecency of tube travels today.... guess not.


DAMO said...

An email lol
Axm don't stand a chance lmao

Christopher said...

Nice shoes.

Another outdoor ice-rink?! There's usually a dinky one at Marble Arch, there's one in Greenwich Park, another in Canary Wharf, one in the moat of the Tower of London, a further one at the Natural History Museum, one in Hampstead, and I thought I saw one one advertised for Hampton Court Palace.

Wherever I turned last winter I was confronted with happy/couply twirly people. Sometimes missing the odd digit. Do we need more of them?

Knight said...

Roisin Murphy - She's the girl from Moloko isn't she? Have not heard of them for awhile..

Also you seem to have you camera handy with you always =) Is that one of the top 5 (or 10) item you don't leave the house without? What's the rest? ;-)

Tonyx said...

Hey LondonPreppy,
that hyde park sheebang sounds like fun!hope it snows -shall we have a mulled wine there together?!hahahaha
you know you want to!! baby baby?

tyler said...

the christmas festival in hyde park sounds very cool and the timing is perfect for my visit to europe.
i like how you call the bathroom, the rest room, the facilities: "the toilets".....
certainly you jest about not liking cinnamon: cinnamon buns are one of the greatest pleasures of life: all hot,gooey and dripping with sugary glaze...

London Preppy said...

christopher: You're joking about the missing digit, but this actually terrifies me. If I do go there I will probably not attempt to skate for fear of that

knight: Yes, the singer from Moloko - they've split up but she's going on on her own now.

I use my phone camera for all the pictures

tonyx: It's the Rhythm of the night and no I'm not playing it :-)

tyler: See you at the ice rink?

BY23 said...

Actually the "Christkindl-Markets" (that's how we call them) are HUGE in Germany - here are some pics that give you a little impression of how these things look like Germany and hopefully in this year London as well:

Russell said...

Ah, the ups and downs of life: I think I'm the only cardigan wearer in Australia and am often teased about them. The only response I have is "If a middle aged librarian can't wear a cardigan, who can?"
So when you said you wore a cardigan, I thought "Wow, I'm actually cool, even though nobody in Australia knows it"
Now we see the picture and alas I don't look quite the same as you do in yours. (Not sure about the buttoning up though)

When you mentioned work colleagues, and having to eat before meetings ... and I have the impression you eat chocolate? ... it reminded me of one of my favourite things to do in meetings. As things become tedious I slowly slide out from the flap inside the cover of my file one of those little blocks of Green & Black's chocolate. Slowly slide of the wrapper, slowly open the foil, snap of a piece, hesitate, and then place in my mouth as if it were a communion host - it mesmerises people, they start to salivate. Of course a little block is too small to share, so they just have to watch as you, quite unaware of their feelings, eat it. You can make their hell last as long as 15 minutes.

tyler said...

check! yup: the ice rink...i'll be the one with a hot cinnamon bun in my mouth, glaze driping down my chin.

george said...

your blog is like an accident site.......have to keep coming

Pete said...

Love Roisin's new track too!