Thursday, 20 September 2007

Thursday 20/09/07

As we all know I go to this gym in London that’s a chain, and they have 50 different sites or something, and I can go to whichever one I likes. And there are 3 gyms that I go to now plus 1 that I haven’t been to for over a year but I used to go every day. And these gyms are:

Gym A: The one I go to almost every weekday after work. It’s near work and not too gay and bigger than most of the others

Gym B: The one I go to occasionally because Scott works there, but I don’t particularly like it because it’s very small and boring

Gym C: The one I go to on some Fridays because some of my friends go there and it’s quite gay and not too big

Gym D: The one I used to go to every day which is very, very gay and quite big, and I will only go there again if I become single, desperate and decide that I like the interaction with international rentboys and destroyed scene queens

Now let me tell you about 2 different guys that I see in the gym occasionally and how they both don’t want to have anything to do with me, but one of them is nice about it and the other not.

Guy 1. Let’s call him Thomas. I see Thomas very occasionally in Gym A (my regular gym). I have never seen him out in a club. This is what we know about Thomas:

a) He has very big boobs and is very sexy
b) He has lots of tattoos, which I don’t usually like but I’m willing to overlook
c) He is generally very big and muscly, but at the same time soft – not steroid muscly. I haven’t touched him to confirm the softness but he looks soft
d) So his body looks a bit similar to mine, in terms of having round droopy boobs and big round arms but soft and fleshy, not really hard and steroidy. Mind you he’s a lot taller and bigger than me (like everyone)
e) He wears white trainers that have the green and red Gucci stripes on the side, but they’re not actually from Gucci. I know this because I looked at them one time when he was in the shower and he had left them there. I actually think it’s sweet how he wears mock-Gucci trainers. And they’re not blatantly fake either – I told you, I had to check to confirm, so that’s OK
f) He was at a house party I went to a couple of months ago and as I was surrounded by friends and feeling confident, I also asked him where he’s from, so we also know that…
g) He’s German
h) He obviously has no interest in talking to me, because if he did, he could take the opportunity after meeting me at the party and say hi in the gym, but he doesn’t
i) Also, he wouldn’t run out of the changing rooms every time we’re close to each other looking really embarrassed for fear that I’ll chat to him

Guy 2. Let’s call him Rashad. I see Rashad very occasionally in Gym C (on Fridays) and I used to see him a lot in Gym D when I went there. This is what we know about Rashad:

a) He is sexy in a different way.
b) He is quite dark and I imagine hairy, but I think he shaves his chest. He has permanent stubble and looks like he could be mixed race (Caucasian and Arabic?)
c) He always wears loose tracksuit bottoms that hang halfway down his arse, as this is his best feature and he wants to show it off
d) His body varies between very good (when he’s on a cycle of steroids) and just above average (when he’s off)
e) I often see him out in clubs, usually wearing jeans that hang half halfway down his arse (OK, we get it)
f) He’s English (I think)
g) The interaction I’ve had with him is asking about some exercise he was doing in the gym and also walking up to him in a club and saying hi, we go to the same gym, right?
h) He obviously has no interest in talking to me, because if he did, he wouldn’t pretend he doesn’t know who I am every time I say hi to him even if we’ve met each other at least 25 times now
i) Also, he wouldn’t turn to his friends and shrug his shoulders after I spoke to him in the club like I was some lecherous ugly guy trying to pick him up

So now that everyone in London knows who I’m talking about and these two guys can come and beat me up, let me say that I wrote this because, fine, both of them don’t like me and it’s obvious, but they have such different ways of making it known.

Thomas is nice and when I’ve spoken to him he was polite and cordial and he didn’t make me feel like I was stepping way out of line by saying hi. Rashad is less nice and when I’ve spoken to him he’s given me the impression that he was keeping one hand on the Mace spray in his back pocket and that I should have applied for a written permission from Buckingham Palace to speak to him first.

And I much prefer fake politeness than explicit rudeness, which is also what I try to practice, and if I’ve ever pulled a Rashad on you, I’m sorry.

EDIT: I need to make my self clear, because I've started getting comments from people. I don't want to talk to people in the gym. I want to be left alone too. If I wanted to chat I'd go to the gay gym where I know everyone and it would be more like going clubbing and less like training. I am comparing those two guys when I see them OUTSIDE the gym. Their general attitude. Not how they behave in the gym.

I have 2 songs by The Clash and I’ve played them 7 times
I have 1 song by Clayhill and I’ve played it 4 times
I have 1 song by Cleptomaniacs and I’ve played it 3 times

Number of days since I submitted my new article to AXM and haven't heard back: 3


tyler said...

the social jungle that is/can be the gym is difficult to navigate...for sure. mostly i go to university gyms in which the guys are too young or too stupid to NOT say hello back to me.
unless i go with a pal, when i go to a public gym i just get my w/o done, shower and leave. it's kinda scary to me in that, at uni, everyone is cordial, even nice, interested in your w/o and eager to learn or teach you whereas out in the real world, as you are describing here, gym life is rough.
just take the high road here and act as you naturally would and fuck everyone else.

London Preppy said...

tyler: Trust me, I don't want to socialise in the gym either. I'm commenting on those guys' attitude when I see them outside the gym mostly

Steven said...

Maybe it's just me, but I thought the gym is the place you go to work out.

I can't stand people getting in my face when I'm in the middle of doing something. It ruins my concentration.

London Preppy said...

steven: I agree. Please see edit I added

Knight said...

LP, if other guys came up and talk to you would you speak to them? Do all your friends look like you (good looking + buff) or is there diversity ? =)

London Preppy said...

knight: I don't know. As you might know I have problems talking to strangers anyway and might come across as bit awkward. I'm sure I try to be polite anyway. Saying that, I suspect I'll get 56 comments below this telling me I'm an arrogant, unfriendly cunt

FitnessNerd said...

Thomas sounds like a nice guy that might just be a bit shy. I can relate to him, and if he is running out of the changing rooms looking embarrassed because you may chat with him, well, maybe he is attracted to you, but he would rather swallow his tongue than say something stupid.

Rashad just sounds like an asshole.

On an unrelated note, a new show premiered here in the US last night called, Gossip Girl. It basically takes place in the preppy world of upper class New York City, and its main conceit is Gossip Girl is a Perez Hilton type blogger catering to this privileged set. It reminded me of you because of your fascination with the prepsters. I won't say it is the greatest show ever, but I found it entertaining. The names were fun, too: Serena van der Woodson, Blair Waldorf, etc. Some of the actor's names are preppy, too: Chace, Penn, Blake, Leighton, and Taylor (the last three all being girls).

London Preppy said...

Fitnessnerd: I want to like Thomas more too.

I love the idea of that show. I will definitely google it. I don't know why I'm fascinated by preppies - I have nothing in common with them and I'm sure I wouldn't like a big group of preppy ruch kids in real life either. But I certainly have an interest in them

Timmy said...

Interesting that you bring this up because I'm confused by the behavior of a guy from the gym.

When I see him at parties or clubs he is usually very chatty. He is very funny. When I see him at the gym, he acts like I'm not there.

I'm not one to chat while I'm at the gym. I'm fine with a simple nod of the head or a simple "Hey there." but he walks right past me. Interesting huh?

I agree with fitnessnerd. I think Thomas might be a bit on the shy side and might be attracted to you. I get that way with guys sometimes.

Mike said...

Your attempts to be cordial are admirable.

I mean, not everybody makes the effort to inspect other people’s trainers to learn more about them. That’s hilarious.

All said, you really shouldn’t take their lack of friendliness “personally”, that’s just the way some people are.

tiger said...

LP, Perhaps it is an over simplification but it sounds like German guy has manners and the other guy doesn't. I am continually amazed at how easy manners can be and yet how few people exercise them. They cost nothing and can be very rewarding. Continue with German guy as he may be your reward.

Tim in Italy said...

After 27 years of trying to figure out what the gym dynamic is going to be on any given day (since no one seems to want to send a damn memo), I now swim most nights. Very effective in cutting down on the banter.

h said...

gyms are an odd place for social interaction (for me, anyway) - i try not to read too much into it unless repeat performance deserves it.

thinking about it though, if you've met them outside of, its a bit odd

Matt said...

Speaking of preppiness (well it was in one of the comments). I was in Borders yesterday, during our work fire alarm, reading various Time Out travel guides. In the LA one they talked about how Straight Eye for the Queer Guy has taken over used to be the gays would wear latex, glitter, etc (who ever did that?) but now they all wear polos from anf, vintage rather than retro and play volleyball on the beach. made me think of your quest for the ultimate preppiness.

Also in Borders yesterday was one copy of the infamous AXM. It looked like this magazine had been page turned by everybody in Melbourne, either that or it had been crushed in the air mail. I go for the former...looks like the issue was a success, besides here was only one copy left!

Jim said...

My workout partner is running for Mayor of the gym we go to. Seriously, he doesn't step more than ten feet without a hug, a greeting, an ass grab or a kiss. Yes, it's the GAYEST gym ever (it's in West Hollywood!)

Now, my workout partner is not a slut. He honestly is the nicest guy and amazingly likeable.

Here's the thing. About 75% of the time, these peopel just ignore me. Like I'm some wallflower? And as for talking to any of these guys when I venture out? Even more rare.

Like the others who've commented, I go to the gym to workout. Not socialize. Still, It's nice to make friends where ever you go.