Thursday, 6 September 2007

Thursday 06/09/07

On Wednesday I decide that I’m going to jog back home from work because a) there is the tube strike I’ve talked about, b) the weather is very good for that kind of thing at the moment and c) it goes very well with my new image this week, which is normal / masculine / active.

So obviously when I get up on Wednesday I find out that the tube strike has ended, but I decide to still go ahead with my plan. And the most important thing about any plan is the way you look while you’re going through with it, so at lunchtime I go and buy an arm strap for my iPod and new running trainers.

I also go to Marks & Spencer’s and I buy some very plain, clueless straight boy-type white boxer shorts, because as I’ve mentioned before I’m tired of wearing super gay appalling Aussiebums and I want to be more like Marky Mark / less like a podium dancer high on G on a Sunday morning at 0600 in a filthy club in Vauxhall. And obviously white M&S pants will do all that.

So after work I go to the gym (I’m not going to skip the gym just because I’m also going running), where I do back and abs and I complain about the Shower Pervert again, who’s back to his old tricks. You may not know who the Shower Pervert is (read back stories here and here if you like), but in summary, he’s a disgusting short baldie guy who spies on people in the showers. And wanks. Behind their backs. Well after I complained all these months ago he’s still there. Hasn’t he found any other means of sexual gratification yet? It’s so pathetic.

Like Scott says, the only way he will stop is if he accidentally pervs on some confident, brazen guy who will step out of the shower, ask him what he thinks he’s doing and punch him in the face. Sadly, even though I would really love to be, I am not that kind of guy. If I were 6’1” though and built quite big, I would be punching people left right and centre.

After the gym I go and meet Matty because it’s his birthday and I give him his birthday present, which is 3 pairs of M&S clueless straight-boy boxer shorts that I bought at the same time as mine. But for Matty this isn’t an aspirational look – he actually is clueless straight boy and he seems happy enough to receive his pants, not too dissimilar to a trained monkey receiving a banana. Easily pleased.

Then it’s time for the run. I’m still not going to tell you exactly where I live or work (because 3 people have already expressed an interest to hit me with a sledgehammer or chop my hands off in the poll on the right), but here’s a short description so you can fully understand this story. I work near the Eastern end of a quite long and VERY busy commercial street in central London. At the Western end of this street is located a quite big and very well known central London park. I live near the other end of the park. So basically to get home I need to go through the commercial street and then walk along the park.

So I decide to take the tube halfway, bypass the street and just run the rest of the distance, along the park. Wikipedia tells me that this distance is about 2km (1.24 miles), which is fair enough for a first run. So I get there, strap my iPod on my arm, start playing Hard-Fi’s Living for the Weekend and run. Run like the wind. Then about 3 songs later I’m at home and it actually feels great. I’ll be doing that a lot.

Finally, on Wednesday I also decide to give AXM a call and ask if anything is happening with my article. After being assured that they were just about to get back to me, I am told that “they didn’t have space in the October issue in the end”. Instead, would I like to submit an article for the December issue (November is also full) on a different topic. Admittedly this is quite disappointing because I did put a lot of work in my original article and I thought it was quite good and I showed it to a couple of friends and they also liked it and now all this effort will go to waste because nobody will ever see or use this. And if I do sit down and write another 500 words on the new topic, is there really any guarantee that it will be published or seen by anyone or that I will get paid for it? Who knows.

I have 1 song by Camille Jones and I’ve played it 2 times
I have 4 songs by Candi Staton and I’ve played them 221 times*
I have 2 songs by Candie Payne and I’ve played them19 times

*One of them is actually my most played song on my iPod. “You got the love” by Candi Staton ft The Source – 203 times


Knight said...

Ahhh.. day 3 of the Cs.. slowly getting to M counts ;-) Also, I reckon you or Scott should just punch him in the face .. OR say PERV out loud straight in his face to embarrass him. He is just plain annoying!

London Preppy said...

knight: Right, I promise in the next post to include Madonna's plays and also 3-4 more that I suspect will be really high

Also, thanks for commenting regularly (and to everyone else who does too). It makes writing this a lot more fun

DAMO said...

That is pathetic!
No wonder they were avoiding you emails etc!
And I thought that part of this deal with the shoot thingy, was that you write an article???!
Well they were very keen when that shoot was in the process, weren't they!??!!
That is actually quite annoying and it isn't as if you had only just asked. They have known about this for quite sometime and if some pezzy boring interview with some desperate has-beens like the spice girls for example is obviously far too important then... grr how rude and unprofessional!
Shame on them!
It is their loss - hope the magazine folds (lol)
Everybody boycott axm!


Trevor said...

Well your thursday run sounds quite the opposite of mine, although there are similarities...

I also bought new shoes, no ipod though as I miss the sound of the ocean when I use it, and my course followed the ocean (in fact running over it at times)along the sea cliff bridge, Coalcliff (yes a world away - see if you can find it on google earth). The new shoes were so springy that my dog Norten was slowing me down. On my run there is almost no-one, just the occasional tourist, but today it was sprinking, so only greenie tourists were about... in fact I also blogged about my run today too(well I'm about to post it). So I'll spare you here. But white was also my colour for the day - white board shorts though - fitting in by the beach...

Knight said...

My pleasure..for me, and most others I think, reading LP has been a daily thing. It's hard to get by without our daily dose of LP =) Plus you actually READ our comments and reply, so its all worthwhile.

Boycott? The current (Aug 15) cover is too hot.. wait till after 15sept ;-)

London Preppy said...

damo: Well yes. The most interesting thing is that they approached me about this in the first place. It's not like I went over and begged them to write. Anyway!

trevor: Running by the ocean eh? And I thought I had done well with my park run in terms of a scenic route

FireFawkes said...

Boycott AXM? Didn't realise anyone bought it anyway (apart from when sexy guys like Co... LP are on the cover!)

Anyway you should just post your article on here, that way it won't be going to waste and we can all ready what we're missing out on.

London Preppy said...

firefawkes: Yes, I thought the same thing. I'll probably put it up here in the next few days. No point in keeping it from the world!

Andre said...

on my itunes "you got the love" has 222 hits and it's number 3 on the most played list.. I always said you have great taste in music ;)

Willow said...

Unless your piece was some sort of AXM-specific article, why don't you shop it around to other magazines? You might want to flesh it out a
bit because magazines usually look for something a little longer than 500 words, but this exercise of submitting it to other publications might be worth it to get some feedback and learn the process first-hand of getting into the biz.

On the other hand, I suspect your readers would give you some very good constructive criticism, too, so putting it up on your blog is a good idea.

chabang said...

...i hate to say i told you so...

drop an email to the editors of the other big magazine - Attitude (they are still going; just) reFresh and a couple of the larger regionals like BENT & outinthecity - heck it's even worth speaking to Advocate. Your combination of mild celebrity, writing style and in-built fan base means one of them will want to pick you up; they might even want you to write somthing too :-p


London Preppy said...

willow / chabang: Good idea, thanks for coming up with that. I suppose I shouldn't post it on here then if I'm going to offer it to other magazines first? (Even if they do take it on, it shouldn't be published anywhere else before even if it's just on a blog?)

Gabriel said...

magazines work three month ahead so he's right to say december was your best bet. perhaps you could dream of a christmas theme to refresh your article? i know lots of boys would like you as a present. hehe.....

Willow said...

I meant "one or the other" but not both. Obviously no magazine wants to buy something that's been on a blog. Should've made that clearer.

And keep writing stuff that's not intended for this blog. Write, write, write. Try doing stuff you wouldn't normally do and write about the experience. The first-hand account type of articles are always popular in magazines.