Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday 16/09/07

I try not care about anything in my life, because a) nothing really matters and b) nothing can hurt you that way. A few things do slip through occasionally though even if I try not to admit it. One of those things is obviously Bret Easton Ellis, but the themes that Bret Easton Ellis writes about and I care for, are moral decline and emotional absence, so I think they cancel each other out. How can I care strongly about not caring, right?

In any case, another thing that I used to care about a lot (to the point of obsession) was music. I don’t remember doing anything else from the ages of 13 to 21 apart from listen to music. I still listen to music a lot of course, but I find it hard to really connect with anything that has been released since I became emotionally bankrupt.

I became emotionally bankrupt in mid-2005 so any songs that have come out since then, I find hard to care about. So to sum up:

1993 to 2001: I obsessed about music. I would challenge anyone to compete against me on music knowledge for those years. It’s the only thing I have full on confidence in in my life.

2001 to 2005: I liked music a lot but had grown out of it a bit. I still bought and loved lots of records and went to lots of gigs, but it wasn’t the main reason for my existence.

2005 onwards: Having become devoid of feeling I still listen to music a lot but I don’t get most of it

So I wanted to come up with a short list of bands that I really, really loved back when I wasn’t relentlessly hollow and see if anyone who reads this can identify. Obviously the genre I’m talking about is British indie / alternative, so forgive me if this doesn’t mean much to a lot of you and it’s a bit self indulgent. I will leave out the obvious “well known” offenders (like The Smiths, Suede) and just focus on a few, not very successful bands that may have been forgotten by now. Not by me though.

6. Echobelly
5. Geneva
4. Elastica
3. Longpigs
2. Menswear
1. Gene

If you have records by these bands, please be my friend. And, additionally, this is a long shot, but if you know and love the following 2 songs, please marry me: “Homeboy” by Adorable and “Atta girl” by Heavenly.

Now I would like to pay tribute to one of the readers of the blog. This reader leaves comments under the name Travis.

Travis must be relatively new to this blog, as he has only been commenting in the last 10 days or so. He has a lot of opinions, but sadly nobody wants to hear them. This is because Travis is unique, in the sense that he combines absolute and utter ignorance about everything (it’s scary really) with a nasty bitchiness. Think of a dumb Joan Rivers.

But don’t let me try to convince you. Let’s go through and analyse all the comments he has left so far so you can make up your own mind.

On Monday the 3rd of September I posted a picture of a fit guy and said that he’s 34 times hotter than me.

Travis said: “40 times better. Your nipples are way too big.”

Assessment: At this point this can be taken as a humorous comment. I take the piss out of people so I can expect it back. The nipples comment is a bit disconcerting, mainly because I can’t imagine myself going on someone’s blog and starting a conversation on the size of their nipples or the length of their toes or something, but anyway

On Wednesday the 12th of September I wrote that plumbers only make £25,000 a year, so I probably wouldn’t want to leave my current job and do that.

Travis said: “You are only 27 and making over $50,000? What are you crying about?”

Assessment: Once again, on its own, this isn’t an offensive comment. It does give us some insight into Travis though. Saying that I’m “only 27” must mean that he’s a lot older than me. Converting the currency into dollars must mean he’s American. Thinking that an income of £25,000/$50,000 is exceptional must mean he lives in a trailer park.

On Thursday the 13th of September I wrote about going back to University to study Osteopathy.

Travis said: “After the 4 years of college then there is 2 to 6 years of residency. Become a plumber. Think of all the bathrooms you will see. Why don't you have any body hair?”

Assessment: Travis’ good-hearted nature comes through once again. I imagine he lost his job with the American version of the Samaritans (a charity that people call when they’re feeling suicidal, etc) after 2 days, as he was pushing people over the edge, including those who had just got the wrong number.

Furthermore, the obsessive assessment of my body is starting to really kick in now, focusing on hair. It must be unheard of to have a naturally smooth chest in Travis’ trailer park

On Saturday the 15th of September I wrote something about massaging people when I’m an Osteopath. I also posted a picture of myself wearing a rugby top.

Travis said: “Being an Osteopath does not mean you will be doing massages. Your body looks way out of proportion.”

Assessment: Graduate careers website Prospects tells us that one of an Osteopath’s typical work activities is “facilitating the body's ability to heal itself through stretching, massage, deep massage and gentle manipulation”. Travis, however, begs to differ. They’re not gonna tell him what to do! If he wants to be an Osteopath who just sits there and stares at people, that’s what he will do.

With regard to the body comment (and the continuing obsession with my appearance), I’m a little confused. What does my body look “way out of proportion” with? The train in front of me? The tracks? The shining lights? I presume that Travis wants to say that my shoulders are out of proportion with my waist or something. Admittedly Travis, yes I do have a wide 42-inch chest and a slim 30-inch waist and a nice curvy bum. The whole universe for the last 2,500 years has led me to believe that this is a good body shape for a man. I guess it’s Travis against the world again, believing that men should have narrow shoulders, a big fat belly and no arse.

Anyway, I just thought I’d write this and put the end to it. As I’ve said before when I don’t like something I cut it out, so I’m afraid I won’t be publishing any more Travis comments (entertaining as they are). Travis, please don’t comment anymore as I won’t even read anything that arrives under that name – I will just delete it immediately.

If any of the other readers want to interact with Travis and find out what job he does that gives him such infinite knowledge on everything or receive pictures of his fantastic in-proportion, hairy, regular-size-nippled body, please leave a comment with your email address and I’m sure Travis will be in touch.

Also if Travis sets up a new name and continues to comment, I will not publish those comments either, it really won’t be too hard to spot that inimitable, completely unknowledgeable bitchy style.

Sorry if people think this is a cop out, but this is my blog and I’m the King of it and I’ll do what I likes innit.

I have 2 songs by Chic and I’ve played them 19 times
I have 2 songs by Chicago and I’ve played them 83 times
I have 4 songs by Chicane and I’ve played them 170 times


Knight said...

I used to be obsessed with music too..growing up not loving sports, music was the only thing I was good at and can be good at (and still, I must admit your music knowledge is way better than mine).

What are the 2 songs that you have by Chicago? I have 2 as well (Hard to say I'm Sorry, You're the inspiration)

London Preppy said...

knight: I got Hard to say... too (4 plays) and If you leave me now (with a shocking 79 plays!)

Bobby Vanquish said...

When I was young, stupid and mostly pissed I used to be on the campus radio station at Uni.

There was a huge concert in town and a whole bunch of artists were going to give interviews on the station.
I was supposed to interview Maxi Jazz from Faithless but their car was running late so instead i had to interview some woman called Justine Frishman.

The only thing i knew about her was that she was mates with Damon Albarn. It was so embarrassing because my friend Katie (who was my girlfriend at the time (!!) - and seriously into the music) had to pass me questions on a piece of paper in the studio but was pretending to fill out the music notes.

After 20 minutes the interview was finished and when we played Connection - because the song's so short there was just time to shake hands and Justine said "nice one guys".

we still can't work out if she clicked as to what was going on or whether she genuinely thought I knew what I was talking about. but i think we got away with it.

Knight said...

HA HA, that's not surprising. 'If you leave me now' was really BIG back then.. before I was into music, that's probably why I don't keep it. Love your good taste =))

Enjoy the rest of SUN! It's already Mon here ;-)

tyler said...

sure, i know HEAVENLY...i have a cassette (!) by them that i stole from my ex:
it has atta girl, p.u.n.k. girl, hearts and crosses, dig your own grave and so? i'd forgotten about this cassette: love it.

London Preppy said...

bobby: A few years ago that would have meant SO much to me. Interviewing Justine! My my!

tyler: I suppose we have to get married now!?

tyler said...

lol: you sound disappointed that i know heavenly.....but i won't keep you to your promse besides willysmith and i are going to have a baby so you might get in the way...or maybe not....

Tim in Italy said...

Re: the AXM cover, it seems I rushed to judgement. On closer examination, it would appear that the cover is from April, something. The cover is cropped to only show Burnet, so the year is obscured.

The shot was on

Danny Edwards said...

Hey, I think your pic is on the facebook group - 'Club DTPM'

DAMO said...

Elastica are imense, though I am a little concerned why Saint Etienne, Dubstar and maybe early Sneaker pimps are absent...

The 1993 - 2001 challenge is definately the only challenge I would have the audacity to attempt to take you on. lol

That's my time too mr! hehe

I was wondering what was going on with this Travis bloke...

I guess that out of every 1000 there is the one idiot, eh?


London Preppy said...

danny: I couldn't possibly comment (as there is not red square), but sure looks a lot like my body!

damo: Saint Etienne would be on the really obvious ones that I left out! Dubstar and Sneaker Pimps are greta too of course.

Yes, if I get one aggro commentator every 3-4 months I'm happy with the odds

brenton said...

Travis has been known to vomit forth his bile filled version of constructive criticism on my blog too. Entertaining isn't it?

Alistair_London said...

Back in 1996 I was in a pretty terrible indy band called Glider. We wrote the usual fodder of rubbish that teenagers who dreamed of being in Select magazine would come up with. Our biggest achievment was however, getting the support slot for Menswear when they played the local dive in Portsmouth, and what a lovely buch of lads they were.

London Preppy said...

brenton: Ha! At least it's good to know he doesn't just target one person only - he just wants revenge against THE WORLD

alistair: You have no idea how jealous this makes me. The closest I got to Menswe@r was when I was stalking them in The Good Mixer

Matt said...

Travis has been frequenting my comments too. He has been visiting me for a bit longer, so I'm guessing I led him to you. Sorry about that. He must be a sad person if he has to go around insulting people he doesn't know. Here are a few of my favorites:

"You are not depressed. You are a just a spoiled brat. Get out of your parents house, don't take anymore of their money and start fending for yourself."

After I talked about my sister's car accident: "I see that you and your sister are still spoiled brats."

It's your body and my money he's obsessed with. What a loser.

P.S. I think you're hot. :-)

London Preppy said...

matt: You are actually the third blogger who contacts me with a similar story. Travis gets around!

I could continue this and post all the new Travis info in a new blog but I don't know if we should give him any more attention...

the one in your dreams said...

ha! it sounds like your big nips have gotten the best of you!

(and who says that?)