Saturday, 15 September 2007

Saturday 15/09/07

And on Friday we don’t have to go in the office, instead it’s the annual sports day. The term “sports” is used very loosely of course, because you can’t really have 60 people aged 23 to 60 (I’m guessing) compete against each other in running or climbing or arm wrestling, it’s just not going to work. I’d beat them all. So the activities are a bit more novel. We are put in teams of 6 and here is what we have to do:

1) Build a wooden chariot. This activity is obviously designed to promote teamwork. So I sit back, don’t talk to anyone and watch the others put it together

2) Race some battered car around a track and do handbreak turns. Admittedly this is quite fun even though I haven’t really driven for about 8 years. Maybe this helps

3) Participate in goose herding. I.e. stand in a field, be chased by 3 geese and a dog and shout instructions at them. I am not very at ease with nature, or animals, or shouting, so I try to avoid the instructor’s eyes when he’s choosing participants. It works

4) Play with some hawks. This involves wearing a big leather glove that the instructor puts pieces of raw chicken on, turning your head, and waiting for a large predatory bird to land on your arm. Then walking around with the bird in tow until it decides to fly back to its perch

5) Race some hover crafts. This actually sucks, and not just because I can’t control them
So not a bad day at work then and we also get to travel to this nice mansion in the countryside and have lots of free food. And here is the mansion:

Then in the evening I meet Donnell and we go to Bryan’s house party. Scott is already there and so are Brendan and Simon and some others. For this event I choose to wear low hanging shorts and an England rugby top. At some point somebody walks in and asks me if I want to know what the rugby score is. It turns out that England are playing South Africa that night. What are the chances eh? I tell the guy that I have no interest in rugby whatsoever and I’m just wearing a top.

This top is very nice and it’s the actual top the England team wears. It’s extremely tight (to stop opponents from grabbing it and tackling you) and made of this really odd, waterproof material and I generally like wearing it a lot despite it making me look a bit weird with really wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

Here are some pictures of me in the top at a tube station (where the top doesn’t belong) and then Mike Tindall, Ben Cohen and Josh Lewsey in the top at its natural habitat, looking like real men.

Finally, thanks for the comments and answers about what I posted the other day (going back to study). I’m still thinking about that a lot and sometimes I really want to go and do it and other times I’m too scared and I think it’s too much to go ahead with and I’d rather stay where I am now.

But I’m looking into it and if I do decide to do it I will join a course in September 2008. In the meantime I will have to try and save lots of money (if I’m gonna be a student again for 4 years, not to mention to pay for it to start with – it costs between £3,000-£4,000. But at least I have a £1 contribution from one reader so far, which is obviously going towards that J So, thank you M.

And if anyone else wants to help, as I said feel free (link to the right); I know I’m sounding like a tramp asking for your spare change, but the main thing stopping me is the lack of funding and the fear of living in poverty for 4 years, and at the end of the day, I never said I had any pride (go back and check through the blog, it’s true).

Any large contributions will be rewarded with a free massage when I’ve learnt how to do it. 7,295 absolute unique visitors so far according to Google Analytics – surely there must be somebody out there who’s extremely loaded and generous. Or pitiful. I’ll take either.

I have 1 song by Charles & Eddie and I’ve played it 24 times
I have 20 songs by the Chemical Brothers and I’ve played them 128 times
I have 7 songs by Cher and I’ve played them 37 times


tyler said...

the from the back photo of you in the rugby shirt is very cool: your back looks like a chest w/o
very bodacious!
i'm gonna get me some of those. i found this site:

Tim in Italy said...

Hey LP, like the shirt, the post, the blog, you. But you know that. Well, maybe not that I like the shirt. Actually, nudity would be better, but since you don't like being away from your clothes, form fitting sports jerseys will have to do.

In other news, I see that the hot, tortured bi-boi from Hollyoaks is gracing the cover of AXM this month. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they stuck him in that outfit, but in this case nudity would certainly have been preferable... for a number of differet reason, most of them nasty and dirty.

And do you mind if I link to your blog off my page? I'd like people to think I have some sort of taste.

LordNelson said...

I think 'narrow waist' is very much an understatement.

Knight said...

That is a waistline to be envious off!! How do you keep your pants from falling?

Totango said...

In the photo of the guys playing football can you tell me who is the one on the far left in the gold/yellow top?

London Preppy said...

tim: Where did oyu see the new AXM cover? I haven't seen it yet. I checked the website and they still have the old one? Sure you can link my page, thanks

knight: Well my bum is keeping them up!

totango: Sorry, I have no idea about the Aussie players

Russell said...

As one of the very few Australians who has never been interested in sport I'm amazed to be able to offer this piece of information: I think that rugby player is Sterling Mortlock (Captain of the Wallabies?, and the one on the ground is George Gregan (previous captain.
LP - forgot to say the obvious re career changes: you have a real flair with words, so you might try being inside magazines as well as on the covers - perhaps take your marketing skills to a magazine publishing company, and then show them what you can do? (You could do the socially responsible thing on the side by offering to do press releases for Greenpeace or some worthy organisation)

GC said...

The guy on the far left of the picture is Stirling Mortlock, I think.

The England player on the right is Jason Robinson!