Monday, 3 September 2007

Monday 03/09/07

Also this weekend I go in the Apple shop to have a look at the MacBook and play with it and see if I want to buy one. And I like it enough but I’m not sure I want to buy it right now, because I’m sure I’ll go back home and I won’t know how to set it up or connect to the internet and it will only annoy me.

Plus this weekend I’ve been feeling quite happy and positive and I don’t really feel the need to spend a lot of money and buy something. When I’m feeling down and upset that’s when I want to go out and buy something really expensive and then I instantly feel better. So I’ll wait until I’m depressed again and then go and buy it.

Not to mention that if I do get a new laptop I’ll have to re-install iTunes and I’ll lose all the history I currently have (number of plays, playlists, etc). But maybe that’s a good thing because I can start from scratch and I will only play “cool” songs and not give any play counts to the “embarrassing” ones. Mind you, this will only last for about 3 days and then Samantha Fox will race to the tope of the charts again.

On Sunday Scott and I decide to go to the Vauxhall market. Vauxhall is a very crappy and derelict area in South London and I don’t really know why Scott is dragging me there, or why I accept to go. This is the kind of market where:

- You can buy stolen microwaves that don’t work

- You can buy plastic “Gucci” belts with a 69 pattern instead of the double G

- The only food options are hot dogs and deep fried onions and the only drinks options are knock-off Arabic cola cans

- The police don’t even bother turning up because they would have to arrest 4,659 people on the spot and that’s more trouble than it’s worth

- 77% of the people there (both sellers and customers) don’t speak English as a first language and the 23% that do, think that the letter “h” is always silent if it’s at the beginning of a word

- Amongst the white people there faded mermaid or British bulldog tattoos are compulsory on men aged 11 or above

- Only Scott and I have all our teeth

So we walk around for about half an hour and it’s very busy and loud and smelly and even though I’m trying to cope suddenly I start getting very agitated and sweaty and annoyed and I need to get out. But we’re too far in already and we have to walk all the way back and I don’t know where I’m going or where the way out is and Scott tries to put his hands on my shoulders to comfort me, but I can’t have any of that and I push him away, because I’m suffocating and now I’m starting to draw short breaths and I’m feeling dizzy and sick. And it seems we’re going round in circles trying to find the way so I’m about to faint and suddenly we find a short cut and get out and we stand there for 10 minutes or so while I get my breath back.

And I think this is what you call a panic attack so at that point I decide that I really should carry two Valium with me at all times.

And I can pretend this isn’t true, but I’m feeling quite proud that I can suffer from class-induced panic attacks, even though Mean says it’s pretty girly.

Finally, here’s a picture I stole from Bobby’s blog. And because I liked the position so much (and that dude), I tried to recreate it. Sadly, I couldn’t do it without someone taking the picture, so it’s a very bad copy. Plus the guy is about 34 times hotter than me. I may ask Scott to take the picture for me and post again.

The real thing:

The Tesco Value options:

I have 1 song by Bubba Sparxxx and I've played it 10 times
I have 1 song by The Bucketheads and I've played it 9 times
I have2 songs by Bush and I've played them 14 times


Vom said...

Regarding losing your iTunes data, all you need to do is locate your iTunes music library (windows users find it at User>My Documents>My Music>iTunes) and assuming you allow itunes to automatically manage your music (and you should!) copy the iTunes Music folder, iTunes library and iTunes Library.xml files to the User>Music>iTunes folder (after you have initially run iTunes for the first time on the mac) and it will import your existing music and data (playcount, eq or anything not stored in the .mp3 tag)

London Preppy said...

vom: This is actually very helpful thanks! I'm happy now (which means there will be more delays in me buying the laptop though)

Bobby Vanquish said...

Tesco value. As if.
More like Vauxhall market jerk chicken bargain bin.
Aye mon tek it easy bruvva.

Knight said...

LP's list of treatments

Retail therapy (to rid depression)
Gym therapy (for sex appeal + self satisfaction)
Drug therapy (Valium to calm nerves/sleep)
Blog therapy (Keep US/U happy)
Choc therapy (instant high,guilt later)
Music therapy (?)
Scott therapy (to calm your testosterone)


London Preppy said...

bobby: You can kiss my big fat Mediterranean (therefore ethnic) ass

London Preppy said...

knight: Ha ha! Very good. What a problematic personality though eh

Trevor said...

Can I have the tesco value option an apple™, and a chocolate chip cookie? Home delivery? Yes please.

London Preppy said...

trevor: Home delivery all the way to Australia? Fine, fine

Knight said...

Problematic? Don't think so.. I'm pretty much like that myself, minus the drug therapy (coz I'm a healthcare professional) and Scott therapy (coz I'm =( single) HAHA.

Tim in Italy said...

Hey LP! I've been a PC guy all my life, but I just bought an iMac and I totally love it! SO next time you're depressed, go for it. It'll cheer you right up!

I have a guy from south London on my team in Italy. When I went to London last April to see Daniel Radcliff prace around naked, he told me I had to go southside and find something called "pie, mash and liquor"... I think that was it... from your colorful description, I assume I made the right decision in not endulging.

Trybaby said...

For some reasons your right nipple looks strangely larger than normal :\ ? I guess because it's the closest thing to the camera. I would feel uncomfortable too there. Did you guys actually acquire any wears while you were there?
Oh and your crest is dangerously close to being finished.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: No we didn't acquire anything - we just ran

Trybaby said...

Here tell me what you think before I spend any more time on it.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: The design looks amazing, it's perfect, thanks. I'm not sure Loyalty means that much to me though. I don't feel that lyal to anything. Quite the opposite I'd say. I can't think of anything to replace it with at the moment though. I'm thinking something in the lines of: void or hollow or stark, but none of these really sound great. What d'you think?

London Preppy said...

I'd actually prefer if there were no words I think. Rather than put somethign that I don't really relate to

Bobby Vanquish said...

I've also worked very very hard on a logo for you. I've taken specific design issues and incoporated them with the cultural sensitivities bla bla.
Pity the word 'Mediterranean' didn't fit.

London Preppy said...

Bobby: Thanks for this predictably retarded contribution

LANCE McEWAN said...

Is that fake tan u r wearing?
It looks good whatever - the colour I mean

Oh yeah and if you get a macbook etc, if something goes wrong, the costs will be shockingly higher than that of a PC/laptop

London Preppy said...

lance: Thanks. No, it's not fake tan - I'm still tanned from my holiday to Athens a couple of weeks ago

Trybaby said...

You're right those don't sound quite right. But I do find it kinda funny looking with no words on the side.

How about hedonism and/or nihilism?

Travis said...

40 times better.

Your nipples are way too big.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: These are more accurate, but I just think no words sounds better at the moment

travis: Thanks for this wonderful contribution

Trybaby said...

Here it is with out any words. It feels incomplete in my opinion.

Trybaby said...

Here are some more words:


London Preppy said...

trybaby: I actually came up with something. Can you add these words:

nusquam est maximus

"nusquam" on the left side and "est maximus" on the right

or (for better balance)

nusquam est vere maximus

with "nusquam est" on the left and "vere maximus" on the right

It's Latin obviously

What do you reckon?

PS Thanks so much again for doing this, it's brilliant!

Trybaby said...

My Latin is limited but that looks like, "nowhere is truly great?"

I'll try it out and show you.
Don't sweat it. It's the least I can do, this is me just giving back for this great blog and all the entertainment you've given me.

London Preppy said...

It's a loose translation of "nothing really matters", "nothing is significant", that sort of thing. Which I like

Trybaby said...

And this isn't the final product, I'm on my laptop sitting in my bed right now. I used a different computer to make your crest because this laptop isn't fast enough to handle photoshop, so the lettering is gonna be much nicer and will curve with the ribbon.

I have to say it looks pretty good. Maybe a bit too many words but that might just be because it's just straight and not conforming to the ribbon.