Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Wednesday 29/08/07

On Tuesday evening I’m watching Family Guy episodes on DVD but then I get two texts asking me to switch over to BBC2. So I do that and there’s a programme about reindeer on, so I proceed to watch that for the next hour. And in the next hour the following things happen:

- Reindeer are digging the snow to find food
- Reindeer try to jump over a fence like mad
- Reindeer get dragged on the snow by their antlers because they are too tired to walk
- I look closely and evaluate which one’s antlers would look best mounted, hanging on my living room wall

Yesterday I promised I would put the abs pictures up from Sunday night, so here they are. As you can see I’m losing against almost everyone, but I blame a) bad posture and b) bad lighting (on my side only).

On Tuesday evening I also do something else, which is to steal an idea from another blog. I find out that you can set up a shop and sell merchandise with any logo you want on, so obviously I set up a London Preppy merchandise site. And I make up two logos, which are:

I don’t know why anyone would choose to wear a t-shirt or drink from a cup with London Preppy plastered on it, but a) people wear a lot worse and b) I have nothing to lose, right? There’s a permanent link to the shop on the sidebar, but here it is anyway:

Finally, this week Matty is off work so he’s gone sailing to Wales, and he sends me this picture of himself on a boat. This is the lifestyle I want to pursue from now on (in my post-clubbing days): weekends away in Wales, trips to Iceland, eating out in nice restaurants, wearing clothes that aren’t necessarily stitched around your biceps, that sort of thing. Obviously this phase will last for about 6 days and then I’ll be out again continuing my quick descend to self-destruction, but hey, I can be hypocritical until then.

I have 3 songs by The Brand New Heavies and I've played them 10 times
I have 2 songs by Brandy and I've played them 11 times
I have 2 songs by The Bravery and I've played them 10 times


DAMO said...

I am soooo waiting to catch someone wearing at least one of these London Preppy items!
I am gunna keep my eyes pealed now for this! Hey a new challege! Everyone including LP has to find someone wearing one of these items before Christmas and take a pic as evidence! The trouble is they may be the person who actually buys the item hmmmmmmmm....
Tbh I want the polo shirt one!

I'm gunna get it for Christmas!


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Andre said...

ah! The LP brand is such a great idea. And you can extend the merchandise to toilet paper ("The best tasting toilet paper in town!") or Travelcard holders for Zone1 ;)

London Preppy said...

damo: I will let you know when the first sale happens - even though I very much doubt it!

andre: Yes, the commerical possibilities are endless. Maybe not though...

Jim said...

I see the problem as who you're hanging out with... if you hung out with less worked out less attractive people you'd probably feel better about yourself (in comparison).

I was kidding. I actually think it's good to have people to inspire you. Keep in mind, right now someone is looking at your recent magazine cover thinking if they could only look as good as you.

But as you've said, you're not perfect and neither are perfect abs the answer to what is perfect. Oh the things I would do to get abs like any of those in the pictures... (apparently eating less and working out more are not any of the things I'd do, there must be something else.)

Steven said...

You are so fat... LOL.

You know you're in better shape than 99% of the population, right?

London Preppy said...

steven: lol thanks. Not sure about that one, but thanks. I'm mostly joking of course, I don't have any issues

Tim in Italy said...

Well, I've been reading your blog for a while now and since I can't think of a more diplomatic way to say it, I think I should just come out with it: I really do think you're spot on and I'd have to say that given a choice I'd choose you hands down... at least until you turned 40 and the fight against those Greek genes is finally lost and you start sprouting hair like a wolf hound.

I suppose this is because I find boyish young hunks more attractive than manly men, especially if they're blessed with wit and charm. Frankly, if I thought you were into sugar daddies I would have sent over my business plan by now.

Trybaby said...

You are now getting some hardcore coverage on "a cause des garcons" which I would flaunt in the face of your friends : ) Should make you feel better.

You have now been undoubtedly downloaded by countless horny college boys onto their computers. I'm sure they are all having les wet dreams about you.

London Preppy said...

tim: Ha ha, thanks very much. Maybe we can arrange something when I next get dumped

trybaby: Oh my God. That's quite some publicity. If only I knew what they're saying, ha ha

Brechi said...

I'm sure I'll be seeing London Preppy items popping up around NYC very soon.

Trybaby said...

Oh they just translated your words. They just posted the critiques that you had of the cover good points, bad points, and interesting points in French. And at the end they say " 'LP' you can't be serious. One (anyone) cannot agree with you. We don't agree."

And more over they link to you mancandy page with a multitude of pictures of you. Yikes so many.

Knight said...

property of england --> celebrate citizenship =)

josé said...

London Preppy, are you not doing song lists at the end of a post anymore?

robin said...

Uh, wow. Perilously unhealthy eating habits and substance abuse never looked so good.

karma commodified said...

I am sorry, LP, but i cant help objectifying you now. :(

London Preppy said...

brechi: fingers crossed lol

trybaby: thanks again for pointing this out

jose: I've been meaning to add them, thanks for reminding me

knight: couldn't get any of those!

Andre said...

thanks for linking my blog! ;)

London Preppy said...

andre: And legs!

Mike Novak said...

FYI - Billy Bob Thornton and Kim Basinger will star in "The Informers," an ensemble drama based on short stories by Bret Easton Ellis.

Pic will star Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns"), Austin Nichols ("John From Cincinnati"), Ashley Olsen, Jon Foster and Lou Pucci ("Thumbsucker").

The drama is set over the course of a week in 1983, in the chillingly nihilistic world of Ellis' youth in Los Angeles.

Seven storylines intersect, involving movie execs, rock stars, a vampire and other morally challenged characters. Gregor Jordan ("Buffalo Soldiers") is directing.

Production begins in October in L.A., Uruguay and Buenos Aires.

Ellis wrote the script with Nicholas Jarecki, who's also exec producing. While Ellis novels "American Psycho," "Less than Zero" and "The Rules of Attraction" have been turned into films, "The Informers" is the first one he had a hand in adapting.

London Preppy said...

mike: Great, thanks a lot for sending this - I was not aware at all. Obviously I watch and own all the movie adaptations but I never like them (I'm sure that's expected though). Looking forward to this