Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tuesday 21/08/07

At the weekend I’m not feeling so great because I have a cold and for that cold I can blame my sister who kept turning the air conditioning on in the middle of the night (when I was in Athens) and I kept waking up freezing.

So on Friday night I land at Heathrow and on the way back home I see 4 people in their early 20s on the tube who I really like the look of (2 guys and 2 girls) and they are too stylish to be English, so I go near them to eavesdrop and inevitably they are French. The boys are wearing jeans and loafers and long sleeved shirts with jumpers on top and the girls are wearing tight fitting jeans and great shoes and holding nice handbags and I so desperately want to be one of those people, or at least to be their friend. I haven’t really met that many French people, but the ones I know are so stylish and fashionable and effortless. Does anyone in France read this? How do you all learn how to dress?

And then I get home and get changed and go straight out to meet Scott in Soho, and I’m wearing some Diesel jeans and my brown Gucci loafers and a long sleeved white shirt from DKNY (collar up) with a pale blue Ralph Lauren jumper on top, because I want to copy those guys. Also I feel like wearing something nice and smart and non-revealing and gay, because I know that AXM is out and I feel self-conscious and because I’m not wearing anything in the magazine, my initial reaction is to cover myself up as much as possible every time I go out in the next month at least.

On Saturday I go food shopping and then meet Donnell and Scott and go to the gym, where I do legs. Then we walk around a bit and try to find a restaurant where Donnell can have his birthday dinner next week and then suddenly it’s 2000 and I go back home, where the TV is waiting for me. Then a couple of hours later Scott comes over and we watch a film together and then it all goes wrong and we fall out and he goes home. By that time it’s 0230 and I can’t sleep anymore so I take some pills. Then I wake up at 1030 and it’s time for Soho Pride.

Well actually everyone else I know goes to a house party first (at 1100), but I’m feeling quite sick and not very sociable, so I hang around at home and then I go and meet everyone in Soho around 1430.

For this event I’m wearing a big hoodie (University of Sheffield written across) and sunglasses even though it’s cloudy (dark and discreet ones – not “look at me” gay sunglasses), because I’m still feeling self conscious and want to hide myself. And everyone I’m friends with is there, plus about 2,386 half-acquaintances that I see out clubbing.

So I play out with Scott, Donnell, Brendan, Moore, Jimmy, Spunky, Frederik, et al for a while (trying to avoid talking to the half-acquaintances) but everyone is getting progressively drunk and / or trashed and of course I don’t do these things, so at 1730 I take the tube and go home.

And here is a picture of some of those people walking somewhere.

And here is another picture from DTPM last week which I forgot to post and it shows me giving Anthony the Grip.

I have 29 songs by Blur and I've played them 271 times
I have 2 songs by Boards Of Canada and I've played them 1 time
I have 1 song by Bob Dorough and I've played it 6 times


Totango said...

Could you tell me exactly what is a "Jumper" that you favor to wear? In The U.S. a jumper is a coverall sort of clothing such as an auto mechanic might wear or a one piece body suit for an infant and I'm sure this is not how you achieve your fashionable quest

Trybaby said...

Well it's not surprising that seemingly a lot of the general public of France seem to have good dress sense. They only work 40 hours a week meaning that they have loads of time to be self absorbed/unemployed.

That guy wearing a black beater. What are those white lines on him. They are too thin to be suspenders. Maybe they hold his tan in place.

London Preppy said...

totango: Jumper is a different word for sweater here in the UK

Matt said...

Isn't it funny that in the middle of August and half of you are wearing hoodies, sweaters and warm clothing. Hmmm...good job they quickly changed global warming to climate change or else all Al Gore's theories are looking pretty wrong.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: My working hours in my contract are actually 35 (if you discount all the unpaid overtime), I guess that explains a lot!

White lines are strings to a backpack!

matt: I don't know what the deal is. Maybe I should always leave all the lights on when I leave home so we can revert to that global warming threat

Trybaby said...

Global warming and climate change are the same thing. "Globally" the temperature is rising in TOTAL. Climate change is due to global warming. Some areas seem to get cooler and others hotter, its affects make seasonal temperatures irregular and more extreme, but in total the planet's temperature is going up.

London Preppy said...

There you have it. Never say this blog isn't educational.

Trybaby said...

My bad it's actually a 35 hour week with a hard cap of 40 hours. And their lunch breaks are 1 hour plus. And they only work 217 days a year! That's like a month more days than people who work all year with weekends off. How does anything get done there?

Knight said...

LP, you've always post pictures of you shirtless. Since we're talking fashion and style here, how about some pics with clothes on for a change :-)

London Preppy said...

knight: Nobody would come back to read then!

Knight said...

Well..not all gay men are superficial.It may be nice to get that dose of shirtless LP to keep it all going but we as your readers (who some will never get to know you in real life) would like to know you better!So your style..your life.. whatsoever, bring it all on =)

Matt said...

Educational, maybe. But some people just seem a tad too serious and don't have a sense of irony or sarcasm. My mother always did tell me it was the lowest form of wit.