Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thursday 23/08/07

On Wednesday lunchtime I meet Scott and we go to H&M, because I want to buy some cheap shirts. If I’m going to do the whole long-sleeved shirt and jumper look I need some more new clothes. And the jumpers can be nice and expensive (well, as expensive as Ralph Lauren jumpers are really, nothing crazy) but the shirts can come from H&M, I don’t care. Especially as they only cost £10 and they’re nice enough. So I buy 3 to start me off – 2 pink ones (the same) and a white one.

After work, at the gym, I meet Stephen and Stephen is waiting for his training partner and during that time we decide to play a game. And the game is to take turns to say what we hate about this other gay guy in the gym who is there all the time and we don’t like. The main reason why I don’t like him actually is because he goes to the gym to network and be a social butterfly and chat to other gay people. Not to work out.

If he realizes that you’re gay, he’ll come and chat to you endlessly and interrupt your workout and try to be your friend.

And here’s how our game goes:

Me: I hate how he talks to every gay person in the gym
Stephen: I hate his teeth
Me: He’s really camp
Stephen: I hate his voice
Me: I hate his accent, it’s put on and fake
Stephen: He’s too short
Me: I hate his body
Stephen: I hate how he stares all the time

After that, we are sufficiently bitched out and we have guaranteed our place in hell, and Stephen’s training partner arrives. Stephen’s training partner is straight and Stephen is under the illusion that he doesn’t know Stephen is gay. Fair enough, Stephen isn’t camp or very obvious but a) he talks to other gay people in the gym who are, b) he talks about clubbing and going out all the time and c) he deals steroids.

When I point these things out to him, Stephen concedes that yes, maybe the training partner does know that he’s gay, but he doesn’t want to bring it up or talk about it, because that might put a strain on their friendship or they might fall out and then the training partner wouldn’t know who to buy his steroids from. So everyone keeps quiet and we’re all happy.

In the evening at home, I’m watching Family Guy DVDs and lying on the sofa, and on the way back from one of several trips to the kitchen to get water / chocolates / other snacks I will regret, I walk into my coffee table and really hurt my ankle. And my ankle really swells up and when I wake up in the morning it hurts even more and I can’t stand or walk on it, so I take some industrial strength prescription painkillers that I find in the cupboard and skip work.

Finally, in response to the conversation about my accent in the blog comments yesterday, I’ve decided to post a short audio/video clip, so you can hear what I sound like. I thought I might read out something from my blog, but everything I looked at seems too personal and I’d be embarrassed to read it our loud (even though it seems OK writing it and sharing it with 1,000 people a day), so I decide to read out something completely neutral and impersonal and dull: an error message that comes up when I can't connect to the internet.

Here’s the clip:


I have 2 songs by Bobby Brown and I’ve played them 6 times
I have 1 song by Bodies With Organs and I’ve played it 6 times
I have 1 song by Bodyrockers and I’ve played it 45 times


Knight said... sound a lil' like Australian Greeks too! And TWO SAME pink ones?? So that you can wear the other when one's dirty? Or is it for you and Scott to go out dressed as a couple ;-)

Andre said...

It's funny how accents may mislead you. For some reason you sound Spanish to me, and so many people told me I sound Scandinavian even if I'm 100% Italian. Anyway, cool accent dude!

fuzzy logic said...

Ah Prep, glad to hear my strong work ethic has rubbed off on you.

That's what you sound like?! Good thing you don't open your mouth more often (to speak, that is).

Willow said...

Hope it's not too late to offer my congratulations on your citizenship.

As for your accent: I listen to accents all day long as part of my work. I play "guess the accent" to beat the boredom of my job.

To this American's ears, you sound predominantly British with a little flavor of something else.

Tim in Italy said...

Whatever it is, it's sex as hell.

Trybaby said...

That's funny about your friend Steven, I always think that people don't know I'm gay. I mean don't get me wrong there are times where I can totally Queen it up but most of the time my voice isn't high or anything and I don't have very ostensible gay attributes/mannerisms.

Is that annoying gay guy not attractive? Would you feel different if he was? But that does sound annoying interrupting you all the time.

Okay that was completely not the voice I expected! You sound so...manly/grown-up/wise? Your voice is deeper than I thought, in a good way. Maybe it's because you look so young. But I get that too, I look really damn young and people are surprise with my voice. Your accent is pretty sexy. It has a seductive quality. You sound educated, which is always a turn-on. Is that a typical Greek accent? Or has it been modified by living there so long? To me it just seems like a non-descriptive European accent but I'm from Canada what do I know. I have a Canadian accent if that means anything to you. It sounds American but different. Less harsh sounds. I just recorded myself and I don't like the way my voice sounds maybe it's just the camera. Did you find you sound different on tape than you thought you sounded like? I would totally change voices with you. Maybe if I get some courage I'll post it up somewhere for you to hear.

Trybaby said...

Your ankle sounds awful, I always walk into things. I had something like that happen to me sorta. I was just running and then suddenly I hear my knee crack for no reason and I'm out for like 2 months with crutches. It's pretty horrible so I understand. Try not to hop around on the good foot too much or one will get bigger than the other. It's better if both legs atrophy than unevenly.

chabang said...

you sound swiss....

robin said...

Alrighty then, that's a start - cheers for posting it. It's a bit like a dispatch from someone in a witness protection program, with the out-of-frame head 'n' all, but otherwise not bad. Maybe a dramatic reading from 'Rules Of Attraction' or 'Glamorama' for the next one.

Kenny McCormack said...

Hot voice... now what's the problem?

London Preppy said...

knight: Yeah two same pink ones for that reason. I liked it and it was cheap!

andre: Maybe post a clip too?

fuzzy: Shut it

willow and tim: Thank you :-)

trybaby: It woudl definitely not have been any different if I fancied the guy. He's annoying no matter what he looks like.

Yeah, that would be interesting. I can't tell a Canadian accent from a US one at all

chabang: Central Europe is what I get most often in real life

robin: Ha ha, maybe I can evne act out some scenes?

Gabriel said...

i took a course in australian english pronounciation when i first moved here. feeling conscious that i sounded different, in my first lesson, my teach said "i'm here to teach you not to sound australian but to neutralise your accent because that is the most useful thing you will have in a lifetime." i think she is right, its not about you sounding english/aussie/whatever, the sophistication rests in sounding like they can't pinpoint where you are from.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

cool voice :)

You should do voice overs from advertisements on TV !!

Joseph said...

That was definitely a British-Greek accent. I hang around lots of Greeks who've been in the UK for a while and I recognised that accent immediately, although yours isn't as pronounced as some of theirs. But still, it's sexy.