Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sunday 12/08/07

On Friday after work and the gym I meet up with Anthony to play out in Soho. Anthony is somebody I’ve been chatting to online for months, maybe a year, but this is the first time I’ve met him. Anthony is very fit and nice, but I’m not gonna go into this much more, because he’s probably reading this and we don’t want to embarrass him.

Anyway, Anthony is English but he’s working in Germany at the moment and he’s coming back to the UK in October 2008. So the plan is:

- At the moment obviously I’m going out with Scott
- Scott and I split up in March 2008
- I spend a few months being devastated and moping around
- About 6 months later I have got over the situation and I feel ready to move on
- Conveniently, Anthony comes back around that time and we go out together
- The end

So on Friday night we hang out on the streets in Soho (it’s very warm) and we discuss these plans and I drink water and Anthony drinks “vodka with the dietest of diet cokes you’ve got” and we chat to Scott who we meet every now and then as we walk around and then we go home just before midnight.

On Saturday afternoon I meet Donnell and we go to Soho Square to sit in the sun (it’s still very hot) and then Scott also turns up but he doesn’t stay very long because we fall out and he walks off. Then I go home on my own and sit there for the next 5 hours, watching TV having made the decision to not call Scott no matter what and then I arrange to meet Anthony for drinks in the evening.

As I come out of the tube Scott rings me and we make up and then we go and meet Anthony (and his friends) together. At some point during the evening, Anthony flexes his bicep for us and I realize that if I were actually going out with him I would be depressed by now because his arm measures 17 inches and mine is only 14 and ¾ and I can’t imagine I would ever be able to live with that. Mind you Anthony is 6ft tall and I’m only 5ft8 but it still hurts me how he has bigger arms than me.

So once again, I go home before midnight and watch some Family Guy and then sleep.
On Sunday I pack for my trip to Athens on Monday and then I go to the gym and meet Donnell and we work out together, but mainly we chat. Stephen is also there and we talk about other people in the gym, including:

- Some guy who’s there and Stephen knows and is a bit older than us (late 30s? early 40s?) and blatantly on steroids and I hope that when I’ve reached that age, I will have grown up a bit and grown out of measuring my biceps

- Some other guy who we all vaguely know, because he’s at the gym all the time, and he often comes up to us and gives us tips or corrects our technique when we work out / tells that that we do things wrong, and I don’t want to sound like a cunt, but to be honest he’s a bit out of shape and I don’t know why I should take his advice really

Anyway, on Sunday night I’m planning to go clubbing with Anthony and Scott, but I’ll leave early (around 0300), because I have to get up relatively early and catch my flight.

So when I’m in Athens I will try to continue blogging (because there won’t be much else to do) apart from a couple of days maybe when we go to the house near the beach where there is no internet connection.

I have 1 song by Black Rebel Motorcycle Band and I've played it 5 times
I have 1 song by Black Rock and I've played it 9 times
I have 1 song by Black Sabbath and I've played it 29 times


Joe said...

When in Athens, check out Monasteraki Plaza and the Plaka. There is also a really cool Gym/Sauna called Flex just north of the plaza. Walkable. It is modern and clean. Cute boys abound. When in Greece... :)

Bobby Vanquish said...

how do you measure biceps? flexed or flaccid???
I have to know. I'm going to get my tape measure.

Trybaby said...

You mention Soho a lot, is that an abbreviation of some sorts or is that square just named after salmon? Oh and don't worry about your arms I think they fit you well, you wouldn't want to be out of proportion.

serena said...

more pictures of your nipples pls. I'm suffering from a nipple fetish. thanks

Yours sincerely

Knight said...

We miss your posts!!!

Cereal-Killer said...

gorgeous pictures...!!! What a great body.X

London Preppy said...

bobby: measure biceps flexed. Also, I'm planning to kill you if you actually have bigger arms. Or at least never talk to you again