Monday, 6 August 2007

Monday 06/08/07

On Friday I decide to give Scott both his sunglasses and the birthday card with the 32 Reasons. Well it’s more an A4 page that I tore off a notepad and wrote the reasons on than an actual card, but it still counts. So I leave work and I go to the gym and then home to get changed and then head to the party. I get there around 2030 and make attempts to chat to some people and then suddenly it’s midnight and everyone rushes to catch the last tube home because they want to get some decent sleep before going to Brighton Pride on Saturday.

It seems that around 96% of the party guests are actually going to Brighton. Note to non-UK residents: Brighton is on the coast, about an hour on the train south of London and I think it’s generally recognized that it hosts the best Pride in the UK – if your idea of a good Pride is seeing the same old people that you see in clubs in London, but getting off their faces in a different location. Which mine is.

The party on Friday night is summed up in Orville’s text message the morning after, which says: “Cheers to you and Scott for last night. You have cool friends who are a credit to the international ___ trade. Am off to Brighton after all, so I will keep my eyes open for the famous scooter”.

On Saturday we wake up at Scott’s place and I continue reading American Psycho as he tidies up / packs everything we need for our day trip (i.e. chicken breasts, sunscreen, chocolates, bottles of water). Everyone else that we know gets the train there, but we ride Scott’s scooter, which gives me plenty of time to listen to my iPod and not talk to anyone. On the negative side, after an hour and a half of sitting there my ass hurts and I can hardly walk.

Anyway, at Brighton Pride (just imagine a big park with dance tents / food stalls / lesbonyms / fairground rides / gays in all forms, shapes and sizes / police / straight people who came for the free party), the following things happen:

Scott and I park the bike and start making our way through the park. Until we get to the shallow, muscle Mary dance tent where all our friends are and we belong, I worry that we look quite blatantly like London queens whose lives revolve around the gym and taking steroids. Scott tells me that I shouldn’t worry, because this is actually what we are.

I spend the following 6 hours:

- sitting on the grass / standing outside the dance tent with Donnell, Brendan, Spunky, David, Moore and many other friends who I haven’t given nicknames to and I can’t be bothered

- walking through the dance tent / dancing in the dance tent, saying hi to and air kissing dozens of other acquaintances who I wouldn’t even know the real names of

- feeling upset and very self conscious when somebody walks past who looks unrealistically good

- making myself feel better by thinking that everyone who looks good is on steroids, even though I’m sure that’s not entirely true

Here are some pictures from the day.

Near the end I start passing out, because obviously the excitement of the day has been too much (I also blame a potential sunstroke – nothing else) and Scott is kind enough to take 3 videos of this on his mobile phone. Also, it conveniently happens outside the dance tent as the party finishes and everyone starts coming out, which I’m sure is doing wonders for my reputation.

When the event ends at 2000, we hang around a bit and eventually make our way to a friend’s hotel room, where around 10 of us spend the following 6 hours:

- lying in bed together and chatting

Err...that’s it really.

Oh wait, something else happens. At some point Brendan tells us that he found a digital camera on the ground in the park and when he starts looking at the pictures he realises that he knows some of the people that appear in them. So he plans to return it to them. Then we have the ingenious idea that before he returns it maybe we should take some more pictures with it, therefore giving them a nice surprise. These pictures include: Donnell’s abs / Donnell’s underwear / my knob.

Finally, everyone else plans to go to a club which starts at 0400, but instead Scott and I get back on the scooter and drive back to London. We get home around 0500, take some Valium and sleep for a few hours.

I have 2 songs by Beth Orton and I’ve played them 17 times
I have 2 songs by Bette Midler and I’ve played them 79 times
I have 1 song by Beverly Knight and I’ve played it 7 times


Knight said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Why do you need Valium still at 5 in the morning? Aren't you beat from the day..

London Preppy said...

knight: Valium is like a vitamin pill. You gotta have it every day.

Tim in Italy said...

I thought the idea of the card (note book paper... whatever!)was a great idea, but how did he like it? Or is that getting to personal? Well, wait, how personal can it be, really, for someone who's flashing their nob on a stranger's camera?

Great snaps, by the way!

Knight said...

HAHA! Diazepam = vitamin? Don't abuse it ;-) But I'm curious, what goes through your mind when you can't sleep?

London Preppy said...

tim: well the knob picture is still anonymous. Unless they recognuise my knob of course

knight: All the events of the day really. And how I wish I was somebody else. Only kidding.

Trybaby said...
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chabang said...

i think the answer to the question "the did he like it" is probably covered by the effort you've put in to concocting a cover story about the scooter ride being so long and tortuous that THAT was the reason why " arse (not ass - this is Britain!) hurts and you couldn't walk properly."


nylon said...

Hey there! Sounds like an awesome weekend - brings back memories, last time I went to Brighton Pride was 2003, we had the most amazing time and me and my friends were lucky enough to survive my driving to London well past midnight in quite "a state" to get to Beyond on time...! Those were the days!!! Keep enjoying it!! :)

Trybaby said...

Hi, your blog is pretty funny and I like it loads. I've just read all your old post because I've only found this blog recently. Keep up the good work! Oh in that elevator photo you can kinda see your face in the reflections of the metal walls and you can see the guy taking the photo, I'm guessing Scott? OPPS! Oh has anyone given you a tip yet?

Trybaby said...

Agg i didn't see that you needed to approve the comment before it goes up, I thought I could have been covert and sneaky and change my comment before you could notice. Now i feel a fool. :/ Feel free to throw me in a hole and forget I existed.

London Preppy said...

chabang: I can assure you that pain in the arse had nothing to do with what oyu think ;-)

nylon: That sounds like a good story. Was Beyond everyone's favourite club!?

Hamilton said...

hawt glasses m8

nylon said...

Yes, Beyond was amazing, the music was the same style as it is now at Fire, but the place was very... colourful. The toilet attendant was playing reggae and every few minutes would say: "no jiggy jiggy in de toilets, dis is not a council flat"! :) And then after Beyond was Later, which was free back then with no more than 20-30 broken people who can't face going home!!

Matt said...

Have your tried Valium in liquid form? It's kind of like a shot.

Andre said...

I like what's written on your top! And the fact that you seem to love those 2 Bette Midler's songs ;)


London Preppy said...

andre: Thanks it's an H&M top. Which I cut a lot of! As for the Bette Midler songs, I only like one. It's a remix of To Deserve You which was a big hit in Greece in the mid-90s. Class all the way!

Andre said...

Damn, H&M again! I once swore I'd always hate H&M, but now I'm forced to change my mind.. But weren't you the one against tops that flashed nipples on the sides? Or was it just referred to the muscle dwarf? ;)

I'm writing down that song on the top of my "songs-to-download" list!

London Preppy said...

andre: Well I hate these tops in the gym. But going to Gay Pride when it's 28 degrees and sunny wearing something that flashes your nipples, I think is almost acceptable :-)