Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wednesday 25/07/07

I read all the comments and responses people have sent for the blog yesterday (thanks by the way) and I narrow it down to a shortlist of Stockholm vs Reyklavik. Ideally I want Reykjavik to be honest, but I’m not sure Reykjavik will let me in without a passport (which I haven’t got back yet after applying for Citizenship), so I email Iceland and ask them. When they get back to me I’ll make the decision (or actually they’ll make the decision for me).

EDIT: Iceland has been very efficient and they already emailed me back. They will let me in with an ID card, so it looks like I’m gonna head there.

On Wednesday I have the sudden idea that I want to get some brown loafers to wear with khaki shorts and a polo shirt. This look is inspired by some friends of mine who are properly preppy and not pseudo-preppy like me (like Matty and Elliott), because I may have gone to private school, but I certainly don’t come from the conservative / privileged background real “preppy” requires. More a “my parents grew up in a village, then came to Athens and made a decent amount of money to send me to private school and make me a stuck up cunt, but I was still the poorest kind in the schools I went to” background.

Wikipedia gives a good description of the two types of preppy – original and crappy.
Original (other people): “Preppies are people who attended elite college preparatory schools, often boarding schools. Preppy culture idealizes intelligence, athleticism, sociability and wealth”.

Crappy (me): “Those who try to appear better off financially or class-wise than others in a middle class environment. Used in this manner, preppy most often describes people absorbed in the middle class hypermaterialistic pop culture of ostensibly quality-made goods sold at prices attainable by almost all Americans. As such, teenagers often apply this slang label to popular clothing not characteristic of "prepdom" such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, etc”.

Anyway, as part of my hypermaterialistic pursuit I decide to go and get my loafers at lunchtime. Because I have no imagination whatsoever, I can’t think of a better place to get them from so I go to Gucci. Sadly they have exactly what I want, but they have almost ruined them by printing their stupid G pattern all over them. I decide to get them anyway.

While I wait for the shop assistant with the incomprehensible accent to get me the shoes, I am entertained by two kids (late teens? early 20s?) with short hair, great tans, gym muscles, tight t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms who decide to spend their rentboy money on Gucci trainers and belts.

I pay for my aspirational, tacky shoes and leave.

I have 1 song by Band Aid and I have played it 12 times
I have 3 songs by The Bangles and I’ve played them 37 times
I have 1 song by Barbra Streisand and I’ve played it 6 times


nylon said...

Hey there. Iceland is part of the European Economic Area (like Norway), so you can enter it without a passport. You just need your ID card.

a1e3 said...

I went to Iceland in late September last year and had an amazing time – it’s highly recommended.

The scenery is amazing, the people are friendly (and speak perfect English) and it has great nightlife (Saturday nights are so busy in Reykjavik – you’ll be surprised!). On top it even has a small gay scene to explore.

A few tips:

- Try to plan around seeing the Northern Lights. This has to be open of the most spectacular things I've ever seen. You'll need to get out into the countyside (to avoid the light pollution) to get the full effect.

- Hire a car. Iceland has good, quiet roads. Car hire was fairly cheap and allowed us to avoid the huge bus tours that follow the main sights.

- Here's a great place to stay:

It's right in the centre of Reykjavik (the owner is gay). If you hire a car, it's easy to park nearby. There's a late night supermarket 5 mins walk away along with the gay bars.
The only downside is that Iceland can be VERY expensive – especially restaurants. We used the supermarket a lot to keep the costs down.
Hope this helps. Richard

idrinkatwork said...

I wrote my Master's final dissertation about preppies and clothing brands like Abercrombie & Fitch. There was a very fascinating blog online called preppyjournal ( but I think they closed it down).
For some reasons I always found preppies more scary than ghetto thugs..


London Preppy said...

nylon: That's very true, as Iceland themselves confirmed to me, thanks!

a1e3: This all sounds great - I'm very much looking forward to it. Also, we had thought about the supermarket plan ourselves - restaurants are very limiting anyway when you want to avoid eating carbs. Cheers :-)

London Preppy said...

idrinkatwork: I can see what you mean. It's a more intimidating culture, because it's more inherent. Not as "put on" as the thug one. I think.

Joe said...

I just read another blog, "Bebriefing the Boys", and his latest post is written in your honor. He was highly complimentary of you. I wish I had wrote it first - I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and am really addicted to it - great writing, funny stories, etc... all the things that are listed on "Debriefing the Boys" I agree with. I have been meaning to post my positve comments but feared that they were too effusive. Well, to hell with that - I've been called worse that effusive. So, keep it up... I'm reading every day...

London Preppy said...

joe: I just found that out earlier today actually - I'm goign to mention it in my post tonight. It's really cool of Matt and also thanks for your nice words. Thank you also for commenting, that way it doesn't feel like I'm talking to myself :-)

Alex said...

ahh good. Iceland. I really do think you will like it. But then i'm biased in favour of cold climates and snowy creatures as you know.