Saturday, 28 July 2007

Saturday 28/07/07

So on Friday I meet Matty and Niles and Elliott and we’ve made plans to have dinner and go to the theatre. Actually we’ve got a deal type thing where you get dinner and your ticket for £20, so expectations for both are pretty low. The restaurant is unsurprisingly a pizza place, so I pick at a couple of salads and then before the theatre go to a shop and buy some chocolates instead and I’m happy with that.

The play is some low-budget comedy set in the 1930s called The 39 Steps and there’s a cast of only 4 people and they play 150 parts (this is what the London Theatre Guide website tells me anyway, I wasn’t counting) and it’s enjoyable I guess in a manic, fast-paced way and I think one of the guys is kinda sexy but I also fancy the female lead a little bit, so God knows in what state of mind I was.

Niles sits to my right and he spends the whole time asking me if I want to leave and complaining that it’s a bad production and Matty tells him “you can’t come in and expect them to have spent 3 million pounds on it” and Niles says “yeah but 3 pounds would have been enough”, and I actually think that’s the funniest joke I heard in that theatre all evening.

Then we all go home and even though I had vague plans to go and meet Scott and go to a club briefly, I really can’t face going out again, so I cancel and stay in and go to bed at midnight.
Another thing that happens on Friday is that I get a call from AXM and the editor asks me if I want to take part in a photoshoot they’re doing for a feature regarding body issues and eating disorders or something and I know I’ve said I don’t want to do any modeling again, but I know the guys at AXM and I like them and I feel there will be no pressure, so I provisionally say yes.

Also he mentions that they’d like me to write a feature on my experience and understanding of modeling and the fashion industry and how I feel about the way other gay men perceive me and the way I look and I’m actually very keen on doing that; it’s an outlet for what I really want to do at the moment – write.

And I mention this to American Girl and Pam in the office and we joke a bit that I should write something like: “The way people perceive me and my look? I don’t know – I don’t think of myself as a sex symbol, I just do what I do and if people like it that’s a bonus” – which is a line delivered straight from the mouth of Hilary Duff / Channing Tatum / Kendra from Girls of The Playboy Mansion (Girls Next Door in the US) with utmost sincerity. But I might actually give it some more thought than that.

On Saturday I finally confirm and book the holiday to Iceland (first week of November) and also take part in the following exchange:

Person A: What are you doing?
Person B: Cuddling.
Personal A: I don’t want to cuddle, I want to fuck

I have 1 song by Beasy & Leon and I have played it 15 times
I have 1 song by Beatfreakz and I’ve played it 13 times
I have 1 songs by Beats Beyond and I’ve played it 2 times


B said...

Have you ever read any David Sedaris books? He's an American gay auto-biographical (though exaggerated, like you) short story writer. I could see you as the British (by way of Greece) David Sedaris. Write novels of short-stories, worked for him...

Tim in Italy said...

A writing gig? Not just another pretty face, after all.

ashleymccallum said...

Were you Person A or Person B??

London Preppy said...

b: Third person who recommends him, I might have to check this one out, thanks.

tim: I still think they'll change their minds :-)

ashley: Ah! I couldn't possibly say.