Monday, 16 July 2007

Monday 16/07/07

This is the story of the weekend, leaving out the tattoo incident which I wrote about yesterday.

On Friday after work I go to the gym and I meet Scott and Donnell and work out with them, and it seems to me those guys are doing some big weights cause I really can’t keep up with them. Donnell says that since he started working out with Scott he’s put on about 2 kilos in muscle and to be honest I want in on some of that action, so I make a point to work out with those guys whenever I can.

Then those guys go and hang out at the Box for a little while, but I just go home and watch TV because I feel unsociable. Then Scott comes and spends the evening there.

On Saturday morning I go to Tesco to do the weekly shopping and I see that they sell Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla ice cream half price, but not the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour that I want, so I pick up a tub of Vanilla and a tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I take them to the self-scan machine with the rest of my shopping with the intention to scan the Vanilla and bag the Chocolate Fudge Brownie. But the Tesco guy is stood right there and he’s chosen to watch exactly what I’m doing, possibly because I’m wearing sunglasses even though it’s raining outside and also because Scott is biting my chest while I’m doing that. In any case I do some fiddling and maneuvering and I get my Chocolate Fudge Brownie half price.

In the evening Donnell and I go to Scott’s house for dinner, but he puts the chicken in the oven and then an hour later when he goes to check he realizes that he hasn’t turned the oven on, so we go to Nando’s and eat there instead.

Then we all go to Soho and meet some other guys to hang out with. We go to a bar but there’s drinking and chatting everywhere and I find that quite hard work so around 2300 Scott and I make our way back home on Scott’s motorbike.

As Bruce Springsteen sings the Streets of Philadelphia inside my crash helmet we get pulled over by police and they give Scott and nice big fine for speeding. I consider myself lucky for a wearing long sleeves, because as we all know I have a tattoo now and this is a very rebellious and anti-authoritarian move and god know how many years in jail we would have got if they had seen it.

During the rest of the ride (and at a lower speed) I consider what other pseudo-revolutionary options I have left, after the tattoo. What else is left that was groundbreaking and edgy 50 years ago but now every 15-year old with a grudge against his parents does it? This is the kind of boundary I like to push, so any suggestions welcome.

On Sunday, I go back to my house and in between spells of rain and thunder I invite some people over for a barbecue. The people that turn up are: Scott, Matty, Nicole, Matty’s sister C, Niles and Elliott (nicknames their choice). I haven’t spoken about Niles and Elliott specifically before, but they are the 2 other guys I was sharing a four bedroom house in Ealing with when I first moved to London (+ Matty).

Matty and I were on the Graduate scheme of a company and Niles+ Elliott were working there as placement students on their year out from University. So basically none of us had any serious work to do and we messed about a lot. As I mentioned in my coming out blog last week, for quite some time that year I was leading a double life, but apart from that we also had lots of opportunities to have fun together.

On Sunday at the barbecue we reminisce about old times, including such incidents as:

a) Matty and Niles hiding under Elliott’s bed and scaring him as he went to sleep, b) Niles and Elliott finding a packet of biscuits of mine, eating all of them, sealing the packet back up and leaving it there empty for me to find and go mental on them, c) Matty’s parents visiting our house with the family dogs, his dad picking up one of them for a photo opportunity and dropping it on its head and lots of other happenings like that, which don’t sound very funny now because I guess you had to be there.

Then everyone leaves and I stay at home and watch TV until I have to go to bed and I wish that I still had some housemates and wasn’t old, bitter and alone.

I have 1 song by Astrud Gilberto and I have played it 9 times
I have 1 song by Atlantic Ocean of I’ve played it 9 times
I have 8 songs by Audio Bullys and I’ve played them 185 times


rebellfoxx said...

YOUR NOT ALONE!! you have a biker to rev up each nite !! as for the rebellious thing well why not:
Revamp your wardrobe. Ripped jeans and leather jackets always work. Wear long boots and fish net stockings. Denim skirts and black and red colored skirts are also good. You can try biker gloves too if you want.
Become an avid atheist and 'pretend' vegetarian annoy all company by describing ALL the various execution types animals foresee before meeting the pearly gates and how eye sockets , teeth and all nasty stuff get into their big mac while all the time having secret rendevouz at the local kebab shop (ok maybe not there, for you, but just play along!)

Russell said...

Well I don't know about bitter but you're certainly not old and considering the number of fans you've got reading your posts, you're not alone.

Take care mate. Your writing is great.


PS: I dug out my Suede albums this morning in honor of your tattoo. They even mention Bret Easton Ellis in another song, so they're definitely on the right wavelength as your bicep.

London Preppy said...

rebelfoxx / russell: Nah, I know I'm not alone, I'm joking. Living alone though is a bit boring sometimes.

russell: I know! Obsessions! "You don't read Camus or Bret Easton Ellis". Love that song too.

rebellfoxx said...

i am volunteering to be a flatmate LP c'mon we can share toilet roll and compare how society has affected our day and mentally burn each person that looked at us without hanging their tongues out wanting our autograph even though we are merely as famous as we all would like.....yawn in other words i need to move to london..a job also will fit in nicely lol...and nice ppl around as im a scared boy 80% time. sigh im bored now still waiting to be levitated to a higher way of living? should i wait?? it worked in the past!!

Matt said...

Old, bitter and alone? have you tried getting a cat...oh wait we've done that blog! But getting a cat to my mother would definitely be rebellious--she hates cats and has this complex; she thinks everything I do which she doesn't like is me being rebellious and is deliberately targeted to annoy her. Hence (don't you love that word?), I haven't come out to her! Speaking of which, have you broken the tattoo news to your mother?

London Preppy said...

matt: No need for the parents to know yet. Or ever. I plan to keep my arm glued down next time I visit.

idrinkatwork said...

rebellious act: dye your hair pink, that was quite an anti-social thing to do for a 15-years-old kid in the 90s.. :)